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Diablo 4 Travelers Prayer Guide – How to Give Thanks at the Shrine in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 offers numerous hidden messages that lead to side quests. One such pursuit, The Traveler’s Prayer, requires players to provide thanks in front of a roadside shrine.

Bring up the Emote Wheel (pressing up on the controller or E on the keyboard) and choose the “Thanks” emote before the shrine. This will complete the quest and open Pilgrim’s Supplies Chest, which contains valuable loot and Fractured Peaks in Renown.

How to find the shrine

Diablo 4 is full of challenging puzzles and mini-quests for experienced demon-slayers to solve, while others will stump them temporarily. One such side quest, The Traveler’s Prayer, is an early game challenge that asks players to “give thanks at the shrine,” yet some players have difficulty understanding precisely what their duties should be at this shrine – leading them down an unnecessary path which leads them away from valuable gear and experience gains.

The Traveler’s Prayer is a short early-game side quest located north of Yelesna in the Fractured Peaks region. To initiate this side quest, players must identify Pilgrim’s Letter, which can be found sitting on a bench inside The Hog’s Head Tavern in Yelesna, and read it before following its map marker to locate a shrine nearby and using “Thanks” emote to complete this simple yet challenging quest. This may prove challenging for newcomers unfamiliar with its complexity at first, but once understood, it will likely end this side quest very quickly!

To execute the Thanks emote, players must open up the Emote Wheel by pressing up their D-pad or E on keyboards and selecting it from there. Once selected, this emote can be executed by pressing up or E on controllers – after doing this, the emote will open a chest containing valuable loot!

Diablo 4 by Blizzard provides players many ways to utilize emotes, including its famous demon-slaying series. Remembering the power of the emote wheel as an invaluable asset can help players complete various quests and unlock gear more efficiently than ever before – with some knowledge, players can make full use of its features and get more out of Diablo 4. For additional tips and tricks related to Diablo 4, visit our comprehensive guide on Diablo 4.

How to complete the quest

Diablo 4 offers many quests and mysteries for players to unravel. Traveler’s Prayer stands out among them as a side quest that offers rewards worth doing for simplicity and rewards. This easy side quest promises plenty of benefits when completed successfully!

The Traveler’s Prayer side quest doesn’t provide clear instructions on what players must do at the shrine; this is typical for most Diablo 4 side quests. Players should remember that their Pilgrim letter asks them to use the “Thanks” emote.

To do this, players need to open up their emote wheel by pressing E on PC keyboards or the up button on their D-pad if using a controller and check that their Thanks emote is included on one of its slots on the wheel if not. If not, players may click the Customize button to add it to one of its spots.

Once they have performed this emote in front of a shrine, players should head back over and perform it again before performing an emote in front of it – this should then activate a chest, which can then be opened and filled up with items for loading into it; thus completing the Traveler’s Prayer side quest and earning them XP, gold, +20 Fractured Peaks Renown, and an Elixir Cache as rewards.

The Traveler’s Prayer side quest can be completed quickly, yet has a twist that might stump players. We hope this guide has assisted anyone struggling to complete this side quest in Fractured Peaks; otherwise, they should check back the next time they play and see if they can locate a shrine and complete everything necessary – good luck!

How to use the “Thanks” emote

Emotes are one of the core tools for social interaction and side quests in multiplayer open-world games like Diablo 4. Here, they serve a similar role and require players to use both to greet other players or complete one of its many quests, such as the Traveler’s Prayer sidequest, which requires players to use the “Thanks” emote at Yelesna shrine to advance it.

To achieve this goal, players should travel to a shrine and approach it. At this point, PC players should press E on the keyboard while console players should press Up on the D-pad to bring up their Emote Wheel and select Thanks as the Thanks emote to activate a Pilgrim’s Supplies chest and complete Traveler’s Prayer side quest with its rewards of XP, Gold, and Fractured Peaks Renown for successful completion of this side quest.

Pilgrim’s Letter that begins the Traveler’s Prayer sidequest mentions giving thanks at a roadside shrine near Yelena. To locate this shrine quickly, take the north exit out of town and follow its course north until reaching its endpoint – players should find a wooden shrine with a Pilgrim’s Supplies Chest attached.

To activate the shrine, players should approach and press either E on a keyboard for PC players or Up on a D-pad for console players to bring up their emote wheel and select Thanks as one of its options before standing before it. This will trigger the Pilgrim’s Supplies chest that contains items including Weak Elixir of Poison Resistance and Weak Third Eye Elixir to appear before them.

This quest offers a straightforward but satisfying side quest to complete quickly. Additionally, it serves as an opportunity to practice using the Thank emote in Diablo 4, an invaluable skill needed for future social interactions and side quests in Sanctuary’s multiplayer world. This can also teach newcomers the way of the Thank emote found on page two of the Emote Wheel.

How to get the chest

Diablo 4’s latest installment features many side quests to be completed at your leisure, with Traveler’s Prayer as one such side quest that requires players to say thank you at a shrine. While this task seems straightforward, many players have become confused about how best to give thanks at Diablo 4. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to give thanks at a shrine in Diablo 4.

The Traveler’s Prayer side quest begins after reading a Pilgrim’s Letter found inside Hog’s Head Tavern in Yelena. This letter instructs you to visit a roadside shrine marked with a blue circle on your map and offer thanks for what has been given. Once there, however, this shrine differs from ordinary ones in that you must use your “Thanks!” emoticon in front of it to complete this quest.

To do this, open up the Emote Wheel and look for the “Thanks” emote; this should already be available by default, but if not, you can assign it using the Customize button of the Emote Wheel. Once set, take it over to any shrine nearby and perform this emote in front of it; this will immediately complete your quest and generate a chest containing Pilgrim’s Supplies that can be looted.

This quick and straightforward side quest should give you some valuable items and is an excellent way to earn extra zone renown and gold. Elixirs you receive may also be used to upgrade gear or sold for cash, making the Traveler’s Prayer well worth your consideration if you want a quick side quest! So give thanks and join the pilgrims as you give thanks in no time at all! Enjoy!


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