Diablo 4 Guide - Unsafe Travels

Diablo 4 Guide – Unsafe Travels

Side Quests offer an effective means of earning zone renown and gold while simultaneously leveling up. This IGN Diablo 4 Wiki Guide section explains Unsafe Travels: Gathering – an optional quest available in the Kehjistan region.

Start your quest by speaking to Mahjoob in the Amber Sands Dunes of Despair and offering to take him back to his safehouse, where he wants a Ghost Palm Flower for his festering arm.

Road to Ruin

Road to Ruin is an unforgivingly challenging cooperative game that demands courage and perseverance to win. Not for those easily discouraged, Road to Ruin teaches players that true success only comes through cooperating as part of a team effort.

Play is controlled by cards that the players know or don’t know, while some remain unknown until revealed during gameplay. Strategy and communication play a pivotal role in team success here – table talk is encouraged as an essential way of staying alive in this treacherous world.

Players must collect various supply items and return them to a safe house location before the survivors succumb to the zombie infection. The game offers multiple scenarios with differing degrees of difficulty – one such system, called Supply Run, is laid out as a 5×5 grid and requires them to retrieve six supply items from various locations within 5×5.

Road to Ruin can be started in Kehjistan by speaking to Mahjoob outside his safehouse and helping him. Once this Side Quest has been completed in one sitting, players will earn +30 zone renown and scaled amounts of gold and experience; additionally, it unlocks The Only Cure quest chain, and additional Side Quests within Kehjistan can provide further opportunities.

The Ghost Palm Flower

Mahjoob will greet you as the first NPC on your Unsafe Travels side quest in Diablo 4, offering you a reward if you help him locate a Ghost Palm Flower near Kehjistan’s Foul Grotto; its presence will appear on your map when close.

Once you’ve located the Ghost Palm Flower, travel to Mahjoob in Kehjistan’s Tar Pits, and he will tell you about how a demon attacked him and bit his arm, leaving it aching with poison. Mahjoob says he needs your assistance to reach the Only Cure before succumbing to its effects.

Once you’ve spoken with Mahjoob, head to his safehouse in the southeastern corner of Amber Sands Region Act 4 and mark it with a blue waypoint on your map. Enter his safehouse, open Mahjoob’s Cache on the left side of the room, and give Mahjoob the Ghost Palm Flower; doing so will cause him to transform into a Skittering Abomination Elite enemy that needs to be defeated before this side quest can be completed and you will earn Renown Points gold experience and even more cache items! Defeating him will complete this side quest, and you will earn Renown points, gold experience, and an extra cache!

Kehjistan Renown

Kehjistan offers many unique side quests. One such pursuit can be found near the center of Kehjistan in a town known as Tarsarak, which lies not too far from both Gea Kul and Seared Basin, where world bosses reside.

The initial side quest of Unsafe Travels starts when players talk to Mahjoob, a Kehjistani guide located just west of where players initiated this quest. Mahjoob has been poisoned and needs the Ghost Palm Flower as treatment; players can search the tar pits nearby just west of where this quest started for this item.

After this quest begins, players must visit three marked locations on the map and interact with them using the Cheer emote to illuminate each with colored flames that will open a portal in the ground. After visiting all three, head back to the Gates of Hell and locate the Unknown Altar; interact with it to open it!

Kehjistan’s central region offers six additional Waypoints that players must unlock. Some, like Calduem’s Waypoint, may require players to complete different side quests before it can be opened; other locations, like Iron Wolves Encampment and Imperial Library, may require visiting those locations directly. By gaining access to all six Waypoints within Kehjistan’s central zone, players will find it much simpler to navigate this zone, especially if their aim is reaching World Boss Events quickly or completing side quests before their season’s conclusion!

Kehjistan Gold

The Eyes of the Emperor are a secretive organization comprised of spies, informants, and assassins who work for the reigning emperor. While their power has declined over time if correctly used, they remain an extremely potent threat if reorganized and properly utilized – players in Kehjistan can gain some insight into this group via the Unsafe Travels side-quest.

This Diablo 4 Gathering Quest offers +30 zone renown, scaleable amounts of gold and experience, and new armor pieces. The quest can be completed in any of Kehjistan’s four explorable zones and must be undertaken to reach 100% completion in its fourth zone.

Start your quest by finding a Ghost Palm Flower on the map when approaching it, then defeat multiple enemies before reaching a specific point in the region. Although this task might sound complex, completing it quickly is critical to progress with the game’s main storyline.

How can I reach the location of my quest? Depending on which search it is, getting there may involve porting to Gea Kul and heading north, traversing Iron Wolves Encampment and Ragged Coastline and crossing desert towards the northernmost edge of Fields of Hatred, or traversing Northeast Scouring Sands to Alcarnus before traveling north towards Seared Basin.

Kehjistan Experience

Diablo 4’s Kehjistan region features six Waypoints, enabling players to traverse it more quickly than simply walking or riding their mount across. These Waypoints make it possible to travel swiftly between World Boss Events that would otherwise be hard or impossible to access and reduce overall gameplay time in Kehjistan for players who prefer a slower-paced experience.

Alongside Waypoints, this region contains cellars, dungeons, and Altars of Lilith worth exploring to increase player power levels. Most can be accessed freely; some require completing quests or specific levels before granting access.

Wicked Sanctum can be found at the northern edge of Ragged Coastline. To reach it, players must first portal to Gea Kul and head northwest across the map towards Iron Wolves Encampment; after traveling a short distance, they’ll come upon Festering Burrow and its Altar of Lilith, which you must interact with to open a portal into its depths.

Seared Basin can be found in the northeastern part of the zone near Tarsarak Waypoint. To access it, players must first talk with Naglaa at Zakarum Chapel and give her a healing potion; after doing this, they can interact with the Old Book to highlight an area on their map that contains fly nests they must destroy as part of a side quest which awards zone renown, gold and experience scaled to their level and an Herb Cache as rewards.