Business Directory Advertising

Business directories are an essential component of your online marketing strategy. Not only do thousands of people search for businesses on their favorite free directory every day, but Google and other primary search engines index Google and other major search engines index the majority of business profiles on directories. Check out to know more.

Should I place advertisements in free business directories?

In a nutshell, yes. Links to these business directory advertisements (business profiles) are displayed when people conduct a generic search in Google and other search engines. For example, a search for ‘Pubs’ in ‘Wapping’ currently shows all links to pubs in Wapping on business directories such as Beer in the Evening, Trusted Places, View London, etc. So, if you own a pub in Wapping, you must be listed on these directories if you want to be found on Google’s first page.

What is the significance of appearing on Google’s first page of search results?

People looking for your company or type of company usually want to find what they’re looking for as soon as possible. The quickest way to accomplish this is to search and scan the results. Then, instead of clicking on subsequent pages of the original investigation, most users will change their search terms. Getting your company to the first page of Google and other search engines is critical to generate new leads and customers.

What are the statistics for Google searchers looking only at the first page?

About 90% of searches end up on page one, and Google alone handles 88 billion search queries per month – that’s 80 billion page-one-only searches. Page one prominence must be a goal in your SME online marketing strategy plan.

Should I hire an SEO expert to help me get on Google’s first page?

Many SEO consultants can help you develop a strategy to achieve this, but 90% of it is simple, and spending a few hours a week reading blogs and books will give you a better understanding. In addition, a few hours per week spent making simple SEO changes to your site (on-page SEO), writing high-quality and informative articles about your industry, and creating business directory profiles (off-page SEO) will yield significant results over time. This will help you get under the skin of SEO and distinguish a good SEO consultant from a shady one when you need help creating an advanced SEO development plan.

What online business directories should I submit my company to?

First, the more quality online directories you are listed in, the more likely you will receive more customer inquiries and visits to your website. This is because each business directory is unique, with its structure and SEO qualities. For example, suppose you have ten guides with similar content, and a potential customer searches for your business type in Google. In that case, the search results may only show one of the ten links to your business. A slightly modified user search, on the other hand, may reveal a link to another free directory. To summarize, you should represent your company in as many established, high-quality directories as possible.

Is it harmful to be listed in numerous business directories?

No, not if you use a clever business directory marketing strategy. Follow my top five business directory advertising rules to make the most of your online directory advertising:

  1. Select only reputable and high-quality online directories (look at forums and blogs for recommended business directories)
  2. Spend quality time creating all the content you can on each, such as text, images, video, etc.
  3. Consider which keywords you want to target and include them in the company description and keywords.
  4. Do not (repeat, do not) Copy and paste your company description into each free directory, and then create new and unique content for each one.
  5. Keep an eye out for priority listing upgrades and links to your website – remember, getting a link to your business website is critical.

Good luck out there, and remember that while the adage “content is king” was confirmed in the previous decade, I believe it has evolved to “quality content is king” in today’s information-rich world.

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