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Best Tech Review CPUs

Need help with buying a CPU? Don’t worry. Here is the Best Tech Review about CPUs that will help you assemble the best one for you. In recent years the computer has become very important in our lives. We need it for hundreds or even thousands of tasks. From educational institutes to business companies, it is required everywhere. It was not accessible by everyone in the past, but today even a child knows how to use a computer. Modern computers are more accurate. They perform automated tasks at high speed. They can also handle multitasks, thus leading to increased work performance. 

But do you know that a computer is not as simple as it looks? It has millions of processes running inside it, working to generate output. Software and hardware are the building blocks of a computer. Following are the main parts of a computer:

● CPU 

● Motherboard

● Monitor


● Computer Memory

● Hard Drive

● Storage

● Power Supply

● Peripheral 

● Keyboard

● Graphics Card

● Arithmetic Logic Unit

● Control Unit

● Microphone

● Mouse 

● Sound Card and 

● Computer Case

The CPU is the most significant part of a computer. It is also called the ‘brain of the computer .’It handles most of the tasks of the computer. A typical CPU has six primary components, which are as follows: 

● Buses

● Cache

● Control Unit (CU)

● Registers

● Clock and 

● Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)

One may need to buy a new Central Processing Unit for the following reasons:

To Improve Work Efficiency: Computers have become a part of our lives by this time. One may need to buy a new PC or upgrade the old one to promote work efficiency. 

To Avoid Noise: Some gaming PCs start making noise due to a failing hard drive. A little noise from a hard drive, CD Drive, or fan is normal, but if it worsens over time, there is a need to purchase a new CPU. 

To Run Latest Software: Older CPUs sometimes cannot run the latest software and graphic-intensive games. So to seize full benefit of the newest software or games, one may require upgrading the CPU. 

Buying or upgrading a CPU can be confusing. Before selecting a CPU, you should keep the following factors in mind.

Intel Vs. AMD

Intel and AMD are the two fundamental manufacturers of the Central Processing Unit. Decide which one to buy. Both are efficient for your system. Keep in mind that the CPU should be compatible with the motherboard. 


Decide which generation CPU you want to buy. Both AMD and Intel upgrade their processors every year with a new architecture. 

Cores and Threads 

Cores make multitasking possible. They are distinctive processors compressed in the same chip: one core process, one task at a time. More cores mean more chances of multitasking. They also increase the speed of some software. So it’s up to your need and preference how many cores you buy. Threads indicate the number of tasks a CPU can perform at one time. Most of the time, the CPUs have eight threads and four cores or 12 threads and six cores. 

On a quicker note, a dual-core will be sufficient if you browse the internet, watch movies and answer emails. But if you want to speed up the process, the four or six cores of CPUs will be ideal. 


It would help if you kept the power and thermal demands while purchasing a CPU as they are highly associated with performance. You can examine individual processors to learn about the necessary strength and cooling. Consider buying more significant and adept coolers if you are in the market for higher TDP CPUs requiring nearly 100W. 

Integrated Graphics

Some CPUs include incorporated graphic chips. These chips enhance the capacity to operate independently earmarked graphics cards. Intel CPUs (except F designation) possess integrated graphics in some form, but they are not as powerful. AMD processors for desktops do not include onboard graphics but contain APU (accelerated processing units). They provide decent execution. 

The graphical performance will also be enhanced if there are more graphic cores. If you are a gamer and upgrading the CPU for playing games, you should search reviews of individual CPUs. The reason is that there are so many other factors besides graphics that can affect gaming performance.

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