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Significance of Address Verification in E-Commerce Industry | 2022

The client’s address is essential information that must be latest, correct, and approved to deliver items successfully. Issues with shipments arise when the customer has provided the wrong address. Clients expect an efficient delivery of the purchases they make. And any missing, delayed, or unreceived item can cause poor client loyalty, harming the business. 

Thus, address verification is a must if you are in the e-commerce sector. Before exploring the importance of address verification, let’s look at what it means to validate an address?

What is Online Address Verification?

Address verification is the process to determine whether the client’s address on order details is authentic and deliverable. The e-commerce industry needs to address verification for smooth transactions of their deliveries and shipment. 

Why Does the E-Commerce Sector Need to Address Verify?

Reasons why any e-commerce industry needs an address verification system are as under:

Ensure Correct Deliverability Details

An address verification system validates whether the address that client has entered into the system is correct or not. It ensures correct deliverability details that API powers. 

Application Programming Interface enables different software programs and apps to connect, share, and verify the client’s address. 

Faster Delivery

As we all know, punctuality is essential for any business as time is money. So, it is necessary to search for ways that save clients’ time and show them that they are valued more than anything. That is why e-commerce needs to ensure quick delivery according to the agreed order delivery time. 

Due to typographical errors, the courier services would have a tough time locating the address of the parcel receiver, and it causes delayed deliveries. Besides verifying the address of the client, the address verification API also corrects it so that the client has entered online. This is how the parcel of any customer would be shipped within the expected and agreed time frame. 

Avoid Inconvenience and the Lost Productive Hours

As discussed already, API automates all those manually done tasks in the old days. So, when such an efficient system is present, why not take advantage of it? This system provides much convenience as it streamlines the everyday operations of your e-commerce business. Moreover, it lowers manual workload and stress. 

Imagine the stress and inconvenience of dealing with the items returned due to the wrong address. The team has to work on that again to make sure they are delivered to the exact location, which results in the loss of the team’s productive hours. 

Thus, all such problems could be solved through verification of address and would help you to focus on the task that matters the most. 

Increase Conversion Rate

Conversion rate means how many visitors purchase your product or become your playing clients. One of the main reasons any website’s conversion rate declines is the complicated and lengthy checkout procedure. So, integrating your website with an address verification API would increase the conversion rate as it simplifies your website’s checkout process and ensures that the system has completed the sale process. 

Boosts Marketing Results

Correct addresses on your database could enhance your marketing results. The approved details could nurture client relationships that encourage loyal clients to suggest your services or products to others. 

Continuous follow-up and communication through email marketing, branded merchandise, direct email marketing, and other marketing efforts would benefit you in the future. 

Promotes Better Online Shopping Experience

The online marketplace also has dedicated teams handling the complaints of their e-commerce clients as most of the undelivered or delayed deliveries are caused by the address problems. And the perfect strategy that now all the big organizations are adopting is the implementation of address verification systems.

Verifying an address through the latest address verification services avoids formatting errors and address typos in your database so that the orders would be delivered to their original destination on time. The e-commerce industry would have happy clients, avoiding any mishap, making the online shopping experience stress-free and cheerful.

Final Thoughts

Delayed or undelivered orders can badly impact the e-commerce business, which causes client frustration, unrepeated buyers, and reduced sales. Address verification APIs validate the address and correct them to ensure that the orders are delivered on time. And you will have more happy clients and a profitable business

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