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Best Indian Food Near Me

Mithaas is a local favorite, beloved in Jersey City’s India Square. Offering authentic Southern Indian vegetarian cuisine served on round metal thalis trays known as thalis; its flavors will leave you wanting more!

GupShup is an innovative restaurant that blends global creativity with Indian flavors to provide an exciting, modern dining experience. Their menu boasts street foods like macher dim and gulab jamun cupcakes.

Spice Fine Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine features abundant ingredients and spice blends due to India’s longstanding trade with spices. These aromatic seasonings add depth of flavor and vibrant hues to meat, fish, vegetables, and grains, be they whole spices or ground powders. Turmeric stands out among them all with its gentle warmth, warm yellow coloring, and distinct flavor; it is used widely across Indian dishes, including curries and sauces, and adds a unique spiced sweetness in beverages and cocktails.

Nigella seeds (kalonji) are tiny black seeds similar to sesame that boast an onion, oregano, and black pepper flavor when toasted or fried in oil, releasing their full potential flavor in Indian dishes such as dals. Garam masala spice blend is often sprinkled over meat or vegetable dishes using this ingredient.

Fennel seeds are an integral component of many Indian dishes. They can be enjoyed whole and ground, boasting a unique nutty, maple-syrupy taste that pairs nicely with marinades, sauces, and curries. Furthermore, methi thepla uses them extensively as one of its key ingredients.

Ginger is a staple of Indian cooking in its root and powder form. Its citrusy, spicy, floral fragrance makes it an excellent addition to savory and sweet dishes.

Cardamom is an indispensable ingredient of Indian cuisine, constituting part of garam masala’s delicate fragrance with its mild soapy flavor and subtle menthol undertone. Additionally, cardamom can also be found in sweet dishes, including chai.

The Lion Indian Cuisine

Traditional Indian diets are known to provide essential nutrition at reduced fat. Not only are they low-calorie diets, but their many health benefits extend far beyond nutritional considerations, including supporting immunity, brain function, and inflammation. Also, many varieties of vegetables and spices known for their healing properties are included; plus, the dishes are often easy to digest while remaining deliciously satisfying!

The Lion Indian Cuisine in Hausman Village provides traditional Indian fare. Their menu boasts tandoori specialties and vegetarian and non-vegetarian offerings like fish masala, paneer vindaloo, and goat korma – known for excellent service at competitive prices.

One of its hallmark features at this restaurant is its extensive beverage menu; guests can select wine or beer to accompany their meal and indulge in an appetizer and dessert selection that includes fried samosas and garlic naan. In addition, its relaxing atmosphere ensures guests can relax with soft lighting and soothing music for an enjoyable dining experience.

Authentic Indian restaurants throughout the United States serve delectable dishes made with fresh ingredients and recipes passed down from generation to generation. Their words are healthy and flavorful – perfect for adults and children alike!

An ideal Indian restaurant should be both welcoming and affordable, offering quality cuisine prepared with fresh ingredients prepared daily by skilled staff members. From Austin to small towns across Texas, an establishment will surely meet all your needs; authentic Indian eateries typically stand out by offering distinctive styles or menu items that set them apart.


On a block near NYU overcrowded with hard-to-take-seriously quick-bite ethnic restaurants, Thelewala stands out as an exciting newcomer. This tiny cubby serves Indian street food with subcontinental flair; their short menu (six rolls, three platters, and four chaats) delivers plenty of flavors that will satiate any hunger pangs you might experience.

Find everything from classic potato-chickpea patty aloo tikkis, such as those found at Indian street markets, to unique dishes like the Kathi roll with cumin and coriander okra, Jhalmuri (lightly charred Gobi and paneer filling), Jhalmuri or masala chai or kulcha.

Calcutta-style street food at its finest! Choose your snack from either the counter or curbside and take it with you; prices are incredibly affordable, too – don’t miss this chance for lunch before or after class as a student!

Their fried samosa and Kathi rolls should not be missed at this small, friendly establishment! Their filling options include okra and chicken malai for maximum enjoyment! Service is fast and friendly – though due to limited seating space, you may have to take your order when leaving!

Veeray da Dhaba

Veeray da Dhaba offers delicious Indian cuisine in a relaxing atmosphere, featuring dishes such as their famous Goat on the Bone Steamed Basmati with Rosewater Flavored Goat Meat on Top served over Steamed Basmati Rice Layered with Steamed Basmati Layered with Teeka Murga or Aloo Gobi. They’re located at 222 First Avenue between 13th and 14th Street for your convenience.

Veeray da Dhaba is an intimate restaurant offering Punjabi fare often found at roadside dhabas in India. Open for dine-in or delivery service, its team – led by Michelin-star chef Hemant Mathur and former Kurry Qulture executive chef Binder Saini – creates menu items sure to please foodies alike – fresh flavors from locally sourced ingredients make up this cuisine tempting.

Veeray da Dhaba’s chefs use only top-quality ingredients when crafting their delectable dishes, cooking everything in small batches to preserve the rustic flavors that define dhaba cuisine. While most dhabas feature limited menus with just a few dozen items, the chefs at Veeray da Dhaba offer an extensive selection of three dozen delicacies!

Veeray da Dhaba is open for takeout and delivery across all major platforms, including Seamless and Uber Eats, offering takeout and delivery at reasonable rates during this pandemic. Their online menu can be seen easily; scheduling your delivery can even be done at checkout! Moreover, essential workers receive 15% discounts during pandemic times. You can follow them on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to stay current.

India Quality

Indian cuisine is beloved around the globe due to its wide selection of dishes suitable for every palate and preference. Its amazing flavors and unique spice combinations have won over millions of diners around the globe; its healthy yet delectable dishes have even appeared on Hollywood productions and Western television programs! Indian restaurants can now be found all around the world – even making appearances in Hollywood movies and Western television series!

India Quality offers delicious authentic Indian food in Boston with its warm atmosphere and friendly staff. As well as traditional Indian fare, Nepalese and North Indian dishes can also be found on its menu here, along with beer or wine for pairing or dessert with mango lassi!

Indian foods are packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Additionally, they’re an ideal heart-healthy option since they contain plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, lentils, and oils that have been shown to positively impact blood pressure, triglyceride levels, and cholesterol inflammation – as well as provide antioxidants which may lower risk of heart disease. Furthermore, Indian spices such as cumin have long been recognized for their antimicrobial and antibacterial properties; cumin has proven itself effective against infections and inflammation and is an invaluable source of iron, promoting bone health while helping prevent osteoporosis!


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