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Best Commercial Lawyers in Jacksonville

If you’re a business owner in Jacksonville, Florida, having legal advice from experienced attorneys is essential. Whether launching your new company or being accused of breaching a contract, there are plenty of reputable law firms nearby to turn to for guidance and representation.

Boyer Law Firm

The Boyer Law Firm provides a range of services to clients. These include civil litigation and appellate proceedings for individuals and businesses needing representation in federal and state courts. Furthermore, their attorneys assist businesses with resolving complex commercial disputes through mediations, settlement conferences, and alternative dispute resolution options. Furthermore, they provide domestic as well as international legal solutions like pre-immigration tax planning, business immigration visas, estate planning, probate proceedings, inheritance matters – just to name a few!

The Boyer Law Firm has offices throughout Florida to meet their clients’ legal needs. Their lawyers are highly qualified and experienced, boasting impressive credentials as well as a successful track record in court cases. Client satisfaction, commitment and professionalism are the cornerstones of their work.

Heekin Law

Heekin Law, located in downtown Jacksonville, offers premier services in real estate, business law and litigation. Their services range from residential and commercial real estate sales, leasing, probate & estate planning, property development, title insurance,and more.The best part? Their prices are competitively priced with excellent results! Heekin Law is led by a trio of experienced attorneys with the necessary skills and knowledge to assist you in reaching your objectives. To learn more about their capabilities and what opportunities await you, they offer a complimentary consultation. Contact them at (904) 620-2337 or via email; their goal is always to provide the highest level of service possible.

Murphy & Ellis

Murphy & Ellis is the name you can count on to keep your business moving forward. With an experienced team of attorneys from both public and private sectors, this Jacksonville law firm boasts an impressive client list and some notable case studies, such as some of Florida’s biggest transactions ever. A top-of-the-line firm that specializes in business, commercial and corporate matters of all kinds, Murphy & Ellis boasts its own Florida office located downtown Jacksonville – but be warned – they have been ranked one of Super Lawyers’ top 100 legal firms nationwide!

Smith Hulsey & Busey

The firm represents clients in a range of industries, such as health care, government, financial services and technology. Its bankruptcy support, business law and litigation practices assist them with managing business-critical challenges.

The firm offers legal counsel on matters related to real estate and land use. Its real estate attorneys offer guidance on acquisition, development, financing, and sale of property.

The firm specializes in a range of legal matters, such as mergers and acquisitions, taxation and liability planning, emerging business financing and insurance coverage, trust, and estate matters. Led by Preston Oughton – a principal who has been practicing since 2008 – the team also handles insurance coverage, trust, and estate disputes. He is an active member of both Florida Bar and Jacksonville Bankruptcy Bar Association; in addition to participating on multiple government and industry committees.

The Law Office of Kate Mesic

The Law Office of Kate Mesic is a highly-rated legal firm in Jacksonville that offers criminal defense and business law services to local clients. Their team of highly experienced lawyers are passionate about helping their clients through any situation; they take time to get to know each client and their case so they can explore every available legal strategy for them. While they aren’t afraid to go to trial, they always aim for favorable settlement whenever possible.

The Law Office of Kate Mesic boasts 15 years of expertise on its team, providing legal representation for clients in a range of legal matters. Its attorneys are highly-qualified and possess extensive expertise in criminal defense, business law, as well as other areas.


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