ayam coconut milk

Ayam coconut milk: the best coconut milk

How do they make the Ayam coconut milk?

Have you ever asked how real coconut milk and cream are made? Usually, the coconut is peeled, and the flesh is broken into bits until it is crushed. The extract obtained is then boiled, homogenised, filtered, canned, and sterilised. In the case of cream, the process is slower, causing the liquid to be more condensed. Coconut milk and cream in its natural state have a slightly grey tint and solidify under colder conditions.

This is the hallmarks of what makes AYAM Coconut cream distinct from other brands. AYAM Coconut Milk and Cream are 100% fresh and hence do not contain preservatives, thickeners, or chemical whiteners. In comparison to its name, Ayam coconut milk and cream are both milk-free. This makes AYAM daily Coconut Milk and Cream the best alternative for raw food proponents, vegans, and lactose intolerance.

Benefits of the coconut milk.

Fruit or drupe, this nut is not a nut, and it’s not almost as dangerous as one is led to believe.

These nuts are not poisonous, contrary to common opinion.

As the famous saying goes, “If the fall doesn’t hurt you, you’re going to be better off. Only a few hundred people die every year from coconuts dropping on their heads all over the world, so one is relatively healthy unless there is a coconut tree nearby.

Coconut milk and water, on the other hand, have recently been declared to be exponentially amazingly very fabulous to you.

Usage of Ayam coconut milk.

“We don’t know about that, but we do know that the Ayam coconut milk we’re using is wonderful!” said one of the reviews.

Consisting of only two ingredients: extract of the coconut kernel and water. This is it. Loaded with lots of B vitamins and other healthy stuff, coconut milk is nutritious and unexpectedly valuable food in your pantry.

Ayam coconut milk is not only useful for desserts such as coconut cream pie, coconut cupcakes, white coconut chocolate, and, of course, coconut ice cream.

It’s also an excellent ingredient in savoury dishes. Dream of Thai curry for your shrimp or coconut rice (use coconut milk for cooking rice) or a delicious curry garlic pepper sauce for your fresh seafood!


Ayam brand have a certification?

As they said on their website, their products are made in state-of-the-art factories that follow the highest international standards with world-wide certification and are HALAL certified. HACCP MS 1480:2007: an optimum method of protective controls and the most successful mechanism to protect against food pollution. ISO 9001:2008 QMS: a quality control framework developed to provide reliable, top quality to customers. HALAL MS 1500:2009: tight oversight and certification by JAKIM Malaysia. Other HALAL certifications shall be issued by the official recognition bodies approved by JAKIM.

The brand’s products are gluten-free?

the ingredients are free of gluten. For example: their tuna factory has an agency that deliberately avoids cross-contamination with allergens. They said ”We also carry out random tests on our goods to ensure that our products do not contain multiple forms of cross-contamination allergens. However, while we do not make any official promises for this collection of goods, there is currently no formal allergen regulation and gluten-free certification.”