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World Technology News is a monthly periodical in which business, technology, and other related industries are announced. The magazine is published by IDS, a South Africa-based publishing house. It carries the most updated information on topics of all sectors, including telecommunications, semiconductors, information technology, digital technology, fiber-optic technology, cellular telephony, networking, and integrated technology. It covers all the sectors and sub-industries that have become important players in recent years. To check out more about patitofeo click here.

World Technology News offers a comprehensive array of news and features on science and technology. It carries interviews with leading scientists and other prominent personalities. These interviews provide valuable insight into cutting-edge research and development. It also publishes stories of special interest.

The most informative feature of World Technology News is the write-up on the week’s events. There are no agenda and no fixed length for the write-ups. The writers can write as they want and as often as they feel like doing it. They are personally supervised to ensure that all the submissions are not plagiarized.

As part of its commitment to bringing you timely and accurate information, World Technology News abides by the deadlines set by the industry. While reporting about new developments in the field, it does not mean that it completely plugs in the new technology for the sake of summarizing the event. Rather, it highlights the key role that the new technology has played in making the news. For instance, a story about new applications for the Apple iPad points out how the device has changed the way people do business. Similarly, in a story on Google’s smartphone project, the company emphasizes how the service has made travel more convenient.

Technological advancement has made life easier for millions of people around the globe. The internet, computer networking, and digital cameras are only some of the items that have transformed lives. To ensure that everyone gets to know about these innovations, it has become necessary for publications such as World Technology News to keep the information flow going. It cannot do without constant updates from time to time.

In keeping with the commitment to provide its readers with the latest in the sphere of information, World Technology News takes a critical view of popular events. It also takes a sneak peek at upcoming products. The magazine also conducts interviews with experts from various fields, thereby contributing a lot to the world of knowledge and information. By being the first stop for news about computers and technology, this publication is also trying to create a positive influence on young readers.


In keeping with its commitment to provide accurate news, World Technology News does not shy away from using technology in its reporting. This is evident in the numerous bimonthly magazine columns that it issues. The writers describe both the advantages and disadvantages of different technology products and services. They also explain their own opinions about the same. Subsequently, they give a brief overview of the ongoing trends in the field.

World Technology News is a weekly magazine that comes out before the month ends. It provides a unique insight into the world of technology. It features information on the latest in electronic goods, computer products, mobile phones, laptops, handheld computers, IT, software, communications, digital devices, networking, and much more. The magazine is published by IDG Media Group in collaboration with CNET Media, a division of Allnet. Through this publishing venture, IDG also hopes to spread the word about innovative new business concepts, market innovations, and innovative new business practices.

CNET Media Group owns and publishes Consumer Electronics, Computer & Electronics magazine, Consumer Electronics News, and Digital Music News. With the combined resources of these magazines, it is expected that World Technology News would cater to more sectors of the market. Besides business-oriented topics, it also offers health and beauty care, technology-related news, and entertainment news. For the beauty niche, it also has an online arm.

One can view the complete list of World Technology News topics and other supplementary materials on the World Wide Web. This includes the magazine, website, and a number of articles in electronic newspapers. It can also be purchased in hard copy form as well. The hard copy versions are available at major bookstores worldwide.


World Technology News provides a unique opportunity to those who are interested in keeping up with the latest technological developments. It gives a platform for innovators, businesses, and consumers to come together. It is also a great source of information for those involved in the technical, engineering, and scientific communities. Individuals who are not interested in or not knowledgeable about the latest technologies can browse through this magazine to have a general knowledge of the topic. In addition, this publication also provides an avenue for advertisers to reach out to potential clients.


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