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WHY Does Astrology Work? What Is It is Mechanism?

At the outset, these musings are intended for those who “believe” inside Astrology, i. e. have got studied it or are able to see that there is something very genuine going on. If you are not one of those folks, you can stop reading right this moment as the purpose of this file is not to try and change your philosophy.

So far, scientists have discovered simply four forces that work in the universe, gravity, electromagnetism, molecular and nuclear. It truly is probable that the mechanism regarding astrology is neither molecular nor nuclear, since we could deal with something that affects existing bodies, large and tiny.

We can look at the astrology regarding inanimate concepts like nations around the world and companies a little afterwards since those are somewhat lofty and abstract aspects in comparison. However, that report alone makes one know that we are dealing with a very weird phenomenon.

Let’s start with gravitational pressure, which can also be dismissed pretty much immediately. We know that the teeny planet Pluto has a zodiac influence that is at least as strong as those of exoplanets thousands of times larger and therefore are much closer, such as Jupiter and Saturn. Also, once you were born, it is likely that a few of the planets were under the horizon.

In other words, their gravitational forces had to act from the mass of the Earth. It is a phenomenon that is not even included when we analyze a birth chart. We do not care whether Pluto was acting directly on people from above or through the World below us because we certainly have observed its powerful effect inside our birth charts as well as when it functions on us when transmitting.

Also, the planets have got very different effects on people. One builds things up having its expansive influence, another delivers energy and passion, another delivers beauty and pleasure directly into our lives, and so on. If the law of gravity were the force, then all planets would have precisely the same effect on us. So, gravitational pressure is out.

Next, let’s have a look at electromagnetism. This would seem to be a superb candidate. Electromagnetic fields prolong relatively large kilometres from their sources. We are likely within the reach of the electromagnetic field of a large entire world like Jupiter, although it is rather unlikely that the electromagnetic arena of Pluto is such so it could influence us to the same extent. Electromagnetism operates through other bodies.

The motive you can listen to the radio guiding a wall or tips on how to have an X-ray image considered of your body. Electromagnetism in addition operates at different radio frequencies. This makes it more meaningful an effect to consider since it could be for this way different planets will vary effects on us. Yet let us think about this in not much more detail.

Most astrologers agree with the fact that our birth charts are created at the moment of our birth. Several do feel it is produced at the moment the umbilical cable is cut, but these few moments are not essential for now for the following purpose. If the mechanism of the zodiac is electromagnetic then these planetary “forces” would be engaged in us throughout our improvement within our mother’s body.

We’d probably not have been shielded from their store through the thin layer connected with flesh between us along with the outside world and then include suddenly become exposed to these individuals once we had been born. All of our generally accepted “birth charts” will then have started surrounding the time of conception as well as when we first became the embryo. For this simple motive, it is unlikely that horoscopy operates by way of electromagnetism.

Therefore, we appear to already have been used up of possible forces to consider and can sympathise with all the exasperated scientists who must be banging their heads in shock at the speed with which the zodiac is spreading like wildfire around the world. But before we fall our attention and take that “nobody really is aware of how it works”, today I want to just reflect on a couple of things that happen to be directly related.

Firstly, most of us talk so much of how often the planets are arranged in the birth charts and how transitting exoplanets affect us when they type aspects to those arrangements. Although this begs that the concern be asked, “where is a birth chart stored? ”

All over again, nobody seems to be able to supply a definitive answer. Some declare “in the DNA”, several say “in the stellar body”, some say “in the Akashic record”, and other folks say in other places.

Coming from my own observations, it is not kept anywhere in the body. I attained this deduction by researching the progressions of the birth charts of people who have died. Here is the point where you may not feel what I am saying, yet by progressing the chart that people who have passed on I actually came to a startling summary: our birth charts continue developing after death.

I have seen enough of them to believe that this is true. I have seen the way people posthumously became glorified or vilified, but the perfect example I can offer is the data of Charles Darwin. I will not bore you with the facts, but if you progress his data you will see how Uranus, the entire world of fame and equipment, became activated during his / her life and then again about 200 years after his passing away, around the time when the idea of evolution started turning out to be fairly firmly entrenched seeing that fact.

I would not need to argue with you if you don’t agree with this observation. The only thing I will like to add is that the body must have decomposed along with returned completely to the globe within a few decades. Therefore, if this sounds true, it is not likely how the birth chart is stored inside the body as we would no longer be capable to study its progressions.

Yet again, we have not even begun to take into consideration where the birth chart of an “inanimate” body such as a country or possibly a company is stored, nevertheless and other mundane concepts apparently immediately dismiss the chance of it being stored in stuff like the DNA.

Secondly, we should take progressions, solar Couronne and other timing mechanisms into consideration. If you think that a birth chart is certainly a strange concept, think after that how much more strange the progressed chart is. It is far from even a snapshot of the planetary positions at the moment of your delivery. It is the positions of the exoplanets as they move in the times following your birth, as well as equally strangely, they are extrapolated on a “day-for-a-year” basis!

These people work so well that most good astrologers follow them since they are amazingly good indicators of the circumstances that follow during the methods of our lives. Just think of exactly what an abstract phenomenon this really is: a planet-forming element to the position of a native planet “n” days right after our births affects all of us in a similar manner when we are “n” years of age, and they work equally nicely when calculated “n” times before we are born as well as extrapolated forwards in time!

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