Who is the founder of investor junkie?

Who is the Founder of Investor Junkie?

Larry Ludwig founded Investor Junkie in 2009 to combine his interests in technology, business, and investing into one resource for people making financial decisions. Over time it quickly becomes the leading review and comparison website on the web, earning its revenue solely from affiliate marketing.

Larry Ludwig

Ludwig is not only Editor-in-Chief of Investor Junkie but is an avid chess player, competing in tournaments and breaking records. Additionally, he founded the clothing line Mogul Moves and was a YouTube streamer with more than 1.6 million subscribers on YouTube.

In 2009, Ludwig created Investor Junkie to explore finance and technology. Over time, it quickly becomes the leading investing product review and comparison engine on the internet, generating income solely through affiliate marketing. He eventually sold Investor Junkie to Web Pals Group in 2018.

Ludwig created his site without outside investment and bootstrapped it by creating high-quality content to generate affiliate marketing revenues. He grew it to over 300,000 unique monthly visitors through these methods before selling it off to Web Pals Group for an undisclosed sum. Through his experience, he learned it is critical to optimize content while diversifying traffic sources to achieve blogging success. Tracking one’s traffic also plays a pivotal role.

Web pals Finance

The Investor Junkie website is a valuable resource for anyone interested in personal finance and investing, offering impartial reviews and comparisons of financial products. Free to use and generating revenue through affiliate marketing, this resource is edited by Clint Proctor, who boasts experience both in business and technology.

This site covers various topics, spanning credit cards to robo-advisors. Additionally, there’s information about investing in stocks and real estate and various strategies used by investors of all levels – and its editors make sure their articles provide accurate and helpful guidance for investors at every level.

Ludwig founded his site without outside investment in 2009, bootstrapping it by creating high-quality content that earned an income through affiliate marketing. Over time it became one of the most visited websites online for reviewing investment firms, fintech apps, and banking services; later acquired by Web pals Group – a performance marketing company – in 2018 before eventually joining the XLMedia family as one of its properties.

Investor Junkie

Investor Junkie is a financial site dedicated to reviewing and comparing tools for investors. Operating from New York for 13 years now, Investor Junkie has managed to increase revenue via affiliate marketing and other online sales methods.

Larry Ludwig, the creator of Investor Junkie, combined his passions for technology and investing to launch an independent website that provides readers with reviews of investment services. It has since grown into one of the largest financial review sites online.

Content on its site covers topics like robo-advisors, stock trading, personal finance, and tips to start investing and stretch out your money further. Articles written by professional authors use statistics, satire, and pop culture to educate and entertain their audience. At the same time, the website also offers a subscription-based newsletter with weekly updates that is available on both desktop and mobile devices.


Investor Junkie founder Larry Ludwig is a man with many talents. From his background in entrepreneurship and technology to helping numerous businesses expand, as well as writing several books that share knowledge. Colton interviews Larry Ludwig about his experience growing and selling his business, lessons learned, and mistakes made along the way.

Investor Junkie is a website dedicated to increasing investment knowledge among its visitors. It features reviews and comparisons of investment products and covers personal finance topics like banking, credit cards, and peer-to-peer lending. Investor Junkie is part of Web Pals Finance which also operates other financial websites.

Larry Ludwig founded this site in 2009 after creating some of the first financial websites for Chase, ING Bank, and T. Rowe Price during his early technology expertise years. To bootstrap it with minimal funding, he focused on producing high-quality content while earning affiliate marketing revenue before selling it to XL Media in 2018.