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Where to Get Newspaper Deals

Are you searching for places to purchase Newspapers for free or at an affordable price? There are plenty of choices, from gas stations, grocery stores, and drug stores all the way through dollar stores and dollar bins! Guide to buy bulk newspaper.

Contact local businesses that receive daily newspapers for extra copies, such as attorney offices, barbershops, and car dealerships. You might find some newspapers sitting around that you could pick up for free.

Gas Stations

Most gas stations sell newspapers, making it convenient to stop in and grab one on your way home. Check for specials at BP gas stations – which have over 7,200 locations nationwide! Other stations that sell papers include Valero, Sunoco, Circle K, and others – or convenience stores such as 7-Eleven, Sheetz, QuikTrip, and Wawa Rutter’s, as these may also sell pieces.

These locations provide convenient places for you to purchase newspapers when on the move, often offering flexible hours and food offerings that make a visit even more worthwhile!

Useful newspapers can also be found at local stores, nursing homes, coffee shops, and grocery stores, while large volumes may also be purchased from advertising agencies and newsstands.

As an alternative, check the Free Stuff section of your city’s Craigslist to see if anyone is giving away old newspapers. They may even come in handy for creative projects such as lining cat litter boxes, cleaning mirrors and windows, making paper mache, etc.

Grocery Stores

Even though newspaper sales have been decreasing, you can still find them easily in many grocery stores like Kroger, Walmart, and Weis. Other locations selling newspapers include Albertsons Speedway Sunoco.

If you’re on the search for a specific newspaper, Facebook Marketplace could also be an option to consider. There, older papers may be for sale at significantly reduced prices compared to their newer counterparts.

An alternative way is to subscribe at a gas station or convenience store, with 7-Eleven being one such store with over 14,000 locations offering daily newspaper sales 24 hours a day and offering seven-day subscriptions at $8.25 weekly or weekend edition and Wall Street Journal magazine bundles at $6.15 weekly subscription rates respectively.

Casey’s General Store boasts over 2,300 locations nationwide and sells newspapers at many of them, while Family Express provides newspapers to over 70 gas stations and convenience stores in Indiana alone. You can also purchase newspapers at Sunoco, which has more than 7,300 outlets.

Drug Stores

No matter the purpose, newspapers can be found readily near you at many different stores. 7-Eleven boasts over 9,500 locations nationwide that sell newspapers 24 hours a day, Albertson’s has 2,200 stores selling them, Piggly Wiggly has 499 and serves the American South and Midwestern regions, or check a home improvement store that often offers them.

Craigslist can also be an excellent place to find complimentary newspapers. OfferUp also lists listings from people offering up old publications they no longer want for no cost, but always take necessary safety precautions before meeting anyone from these apps.

Dollar Stores

Dollar stores have long been seen as an affordable source for everyday necessities like newspapers. Yet their widespread availability has raised concerns over low wages, their impact on local communities, and the safety of workers. When Lorraine Cochran-Johnson joined the DeKalb County Commission in 2018, she knew little about dollar stores’ ramifications for residents living below the poverty line who rely on them.

She soon came to understand that discount retailers — who sell items for one dollar or slightly higher — were frequently located in poor neighborhoods, making them prime locations for crime and drug abuse. This led her to advocate for the county to impose a moratorium on new dollar store locations — even those operating as grocery and convenience stores.

Whenever searching for “newspaper stores near me,” consider dollar chains such as Safeway (1,344 locations nationwide) or Schnucks (111 stores), which offer newspaper delivery services in Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin, respectively. You could also try visiting one of Giant Eagle’s over 260 GetGo convenience stores, which stock papers.

Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Facilities

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities can be excellent sources of complimentary newspapers. In some instances, they have extra copies or rolls that were printed incorrectly or no longer need to be. Check with local newspaper offices if any old editions can be given out for free.

Not only do these facilities offer housing and support services, but they often also provide recreational activities like art classes, games, cooking classes, animal therapy sessions, and educational courses. Many offer transportation for doctor appointments or community outings, while some even provide religious services.

An important thing to be wary of is nursing homes and assisted living facilities that try to take stimulus checks from residents who receive assistance through Medicaid, contrary to FTC recommendations. Consumers are advised to observe any instances of this happening and report it directly to their state attorney general.

Keep in mind that federal law prohibits skilled nursing facilities from discriminating against patients who come for care on the basis of race, religion, age, or sex. However, before selecting one facility to call home, it’s advisable to visit multiple options and speak to others regarding their experiences before making your choice.


At one time, print newspapers could be found freely available for everyone to read in any library – no library card necessary! Many are even still available via microfilm at libraries today.

Libraries today can offer patrons access to several newspaper databases that allow them to browse and search digital versions of historical newspapers, including Chronicling America, US Newsstream, Gale OneFile News, and Independent Voices.

Wilson notes that libraries pay for these products through fees paid to database companies such as ProQuest. Libraries then make these databases freely accessible on computers in their buildings – providing people with low incomes an accessible place for news and reading material, an essential aspect of the library mission, she adds. Furthermore, in addition to digital resources, they also host many historical newspapers on microfilm, providing ample sources for genealogy research.

Newspaper Printers & Distribution Centers

Newspaper printers and distribution centers may have old newspapers they no longer sell or distribute, which they might be willing to set aside for you if you ask nicely. You could also try reaching out to local recycling centers to see if any donations exist.

On Craigslist and similar classifieds websites, individuals often post old newspapers they want to get rid of as items to sell or exchange. Just take precautions when purchasing anything through such classified sites; always check the buyer’s feedback and verification processes first before buying anything from classified ad sites.

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities can also be excellent sources of old newspapers. Elderly residents might no longer read them themselves and would likely be happy to give you their old copies. You might also check with local hair and nail salons to see if any have spare copies available; such businesses often buy large volumes at once!


Craig Newmark may not acknowledge it, but his free online classified ad service, established eleven years ago in San Francisco, is undermining up to half of the newspaper revenues in big cities like New York. Furthermore, it’s undermining trust between readers and newspapers – only a handful raised their hands at NYU’s Jay Rosen’s conference last spring when asked who knew who Craig Newmark was! Unfortunately, this trend cannot be reversed, so newspapers must learn how to build relationships with readers more securely than ever.

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