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Where Can I Place Bet on Soccer?

When placing a soccer bet, the odds should always be the first consideration. These can quickly fluctuate based on game results; therefore, bettors must keep checking them frequently for updates. Check out to know more

Sportsbooks also provide other soccer bets besides moneyline wagers, including over/under total points markets similar to NFL or basketball totals based on expected scoring.


Various options are available if you want to place an online soccer wager. Some are state-regulated, providing safe environments in which to place bets. Meanwhile, others offer special promos that cater to soccer fans, like risk-free bets or enhanced prices. Before placing your bet, read all rules and regulations thoroughly to ensure it remains safe.

Soccer betting websites usually provide odds on various leagues to choose from. Major League Soccer (MLS) is popular in the US, while European competitions like the Champions League also provide odds. The more leagues offered, the richer its soccer betting offering will be.

Caesars Sportsbook stands out among larger books due to its highly competitive 3-way money line vigorish and superior pricing for totals, spreads, and select props. Furthermore, smaller markets and exotic props that may otherwise go uncovered often present more excellent value than more mainstream markets.

Another popular form of soccer betting is an over/under bet, which predicts the total goal total in a match. Similar to point-spread bets in football, more goals may be scored per match than expected in soccer compared to other sports. Furthermore, unlike most bet types which depend on referee decisions or postponements for settlement purposes, an over/under bet cannot be settled through referee decisions or postponements; its outcome remains undetermined at the game’s conclusion.


The offshore sportsbook industry is one of the world’s most significant, generating billions yearly in betting revenue. Though regulated differently than US gambling sites, offshore sites provide safe and secure environments with attractive odds and promotions not offered at many traditional sportsbooks.

Offshore sites specializing in soccer offer markets on the most popular leagues and tournaments. Furthermore, these websites provide other wagers, including props and specials; you can even bet on total goals scored per game and specific player stats.

Although some sites specialize in soccer betting specifically, others focus on more general international sports. When placing bets online, you must find one with current odds that provide accurate estimates of winning or losing matches.

MyBookie is a highly acclaimed sportsbook with an expansive selection of soccer betting options, particularly Bundesliga matches. They accept various payment methods – such as crypto – and offer a 50% welcome bonus up to $1,000 and 25% bonuses for subsequent deposits by returning customers. Furthermore, their user-friendly website enables bettors from any location.


The best soccer betting sites provide a variety of wagers. Moneyline bets, where bets are placed on either team A or B to win the match, are perhaps the most accessible bet to put. Some sites may also provide parlay bets which pay out more than straight bets but may carry more significant risks.

Soccer is the world’s most beloved sport, capturing millions of fans worldwide and boasting hundreds of teams representing their homelands. Due to this immense popularity, numerous major betting events are available; top sportsbooks will provide an extensive list of leagues and teams available for betting along with multiple markets for each match, such as prop bets that target specific outcomes.

Apart from standard bets, you can also place futures and total wagers. Lots refer to bets on the outcome of an entire season or championship, while totals bets focus on how many goals were scored during an individual game – in the US, these types of bets are commonly known as over/under bets with long odds attached.

No matter the type of bet you want to place, it is always advisable to shop around for the best lines. In states that have legalized sports betting, dozens of online sportsbooks have unique offerings, such as DraftKings for soccer matches, which regularly lists the best betting sites.


The legality of betting on soccer varies based on your state and sportsbook of choice, with some states restricting sports betting while others are more permissive. Searching for an acceptable sportsbook that accepts your preferred payment methods and provides a safe website with a history of responsible gambling practices and checking its house rules is critical to legal betting on soccer.

Many online sportsbooks provide diverse soccer betting markets, such as money lines, over/under bets, and props. Over/under chances allow bettors to diversify their wagering strategy while remaining straightforward; over/under bets on total goals scored are one such over/under the case that offers easy placement with similar payouts.

Parlays are another type of soccer bet that may prove fruitful – they combine multiple bets on individual players or teams and can often yield higher returns than placing single ones. Though parlays may offer greater returns than single bets, remember that soccer can be a fast-paced game, and you may need to adjust your wager as necessary as soon as the game gets underway.

Soccer is a global game so bettors can wager on matches all around the globe. Most legal US sportsbooks provide odds for major professional leagues and lower-tier European leagues; one of the most acclaimed leagues in North America is Major League Soccer (MLS). It consists of 23 teams.

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