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What to prepare for in a Free Family Tree Theme

The first thing you would require is space for the first, final, and middle names. You may even be able to enter designations such as Dr ., MD, etc. Make sure the line is large enough. In case using a computer program, you might find that you are not allowed to include more than the program is set to allow.

In numerous programs, this is the first, final, and middle initial. If it is you, you may want to use a notice section to list more information. For example, My mother’s complete name was Annerose Sophia Hildigard Charlotte Fredrick Elschner Burns Miller. You may find this type of identification common within European origins, so if applicable, look for areas to include extended information.

Additionally, it is VITAL that if you are performing maternal research you consist of maiden names. Don’t forget to are the sex of the person. Could they be a male or female? Sometimes it is difficult to tell just from the title so you should make this a common exercise.

When looking for many records you will have to look under the woman’s first name, not her wedded name so keep this in mind and ensure you have a way to enter as well as save this information.

Next, you may wish to be able to record delivery information. The date of delivery (DOB), place of birth, such as county and country, along with any unique circumstances adjacent to the birth. Again, almost all forms and computer courses only allow you to input typically the dob and place.

You may want to help make notations about the hospital, or maybe unique circumstances such as birthing defects, ‘born in the back of a taxi’, or something else that may be of curiosity to researchers in the future. You can also be able to note if the man or woman was adopted. This can be a significant piece of information in your study. Again, if the person can be a female be sure to record typically the maiden name or birth and labor name within your document.

Should your relative is now deceased, you will want a place to record which information, The date, position of death, place of burial or maybe internment, or perhaps the information about cremation. You may also want to be able to track record the cause of death.

The cause of demise can often open your eye to a genetic predisposition to critical illnesses. For example, I recently found that the men in my dad’s family tended to have heart issues, and most died before age group 50. Subsequently, my males are aware of this and are absolute to let their doctors understand and to take a little more treatment with their diets and physical exercise to avoid potential issues as much as possible.
Marriages and cases of divorce as well as being a widow or even widower.

You will want to be able to document the basic information of day, place, and circumstances in case of any. Times do modify and today there are more and more cases of divorce, but a divorce does not have serious blood ties between kids and parents, so try to be certain you include as much data as you can.

Again, you may want to take note of anything unique regarding the union. I discovered that this grandmother married my grandaddy 10 days after the birth and labor of my aunt. Typically the date discrepancy got us curious so with more study I discovered that my grandaddy had been married before as well as had two children. NO ONE from the family seemed to know about this kind and while it did produce a little stress, we now have an entire additional group of relations.

Young children. I will assume that you have young children connected to your relations. All things considered, it takes children to have young children who have children to build young families. Not to discount adoptions or maybe other special circumstances, you could see where this is heading. Most forms I have observed have room for about 6-9 children per couple.

The majority of computer programs will allow you to include space for additional children. You might be thinking this is a lot of areas to record information on kids but keep in mind, the additional back you go in your investigation, the larger the families appear to become. Why? Well, realistically, the mortality rates had been high in the past. Many kids never reached adulthood.

In case your family was a working family member, with a farm perhaps, kids would be needed to help out around the home so many families, particularly rural ones had numerous children.

  • You will also need to be in a position to record the birth info, death information, marriage info, medical information, and other significant information for each child. You may even be able to place the children if you want of birth. This can be accomplished simply by numbering each baby. And, speaking of numbers.

Documents. You may want to give an alpha-numeric code to each member of your family shrub. Computer programs do this quickly, but if you are working on hard form records, you will need a place for you to record this number or maybe assign your own. Usually, it is found next to the last brand, but it can be anywhere. I would recommend the top right-hand nook, (left if you are left-handed). This makes it easy to locate a track record when going through a stack of forms.


In addition to the basic information you really should be able to record other files that will help you know your essential contraindications a little. What I mean by this is usually, to know about the person is more than simply knowing names and times. What did they do for any living? Were they within the military? Did they have a criminal history or were they the public servant and upstanding citizens? Did they have healthcare issues that may be important to a person or may give insight that explains why uncle Joe is always soaking in every photo you find involving him? Be sure your application form has space for annotation.

I had an aunt who worked as a Rosie typically the riveter’ in WWII in addition to being a prolific writer. Arrive at think of it, I had a lot of relations who were respected writers, wonder if that is exactly where I get my enjoyment of writing? Yeah, I do think so.

And finally, you need a destination to record your resource data. This will be information about birth, demise, and marriage certificates. You might be able to find addresses and interpersonal security information. Military files, ship passenger lists, census records, church records plus much more. The more you can document your connections the stronger the actual claim of connection to someone.

So, to sum everything up I would say that you have to find a template that allows you to a minimum of record the basic information about every family member.

  • Name, first as well as last with middle as well as maiden if applicable
  • Delivery information with details
  • Relationship information with details
  • Demise information with details
  • Government record if any
  • Useful resource information

You can find templates free online, from within most ancestry software, within your word handling program templates, from ancestry sites, and more online. If you can’t find something that suits your wants, you can always build your own, often in a word processor, or, you could create one by hand and get copies made. Whichever you end up picking, don’t let all the blank rooms intimidate you. Begin with your individual information and build backward. Soon you too will have a family story to share.

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