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What to Look For in a Parka Jacket

When shopping for a down jacket, one of the most important features to consider is the down weight. While not every manufacturer will disclose this information, fill weight indicates how much down is used during construction. Therefore, a lower fill weight means less down is used, while a higher fill weight means more down is used.


If you’re looking for a jacket that keeps you warm during the coldest months of the year, consider a Down parka jacket. These jackets are ideal for cold weather and are made with a high-quality down fill. They are also sourced ethically and feature reflective lining to keep you warmer.

When choosing a parka jacket, you need to consider how much fill weight you want. The higher the number, the warmer it is. Usually, an 800-fill jacket has 100 grams of down, while a 650-fill jacket has 150 grams. The more down you need, the more cozy the jacket will be.

When purchasing a down parka, remember that these coats can cost a pretty penny. Some brands charge more than others. This is because of the markup that brands pay to retail outlets. The price of a down parka varies from brand to brand. As a result, you’ll need to take the time to research each brand’s pricing policies.

Many companies are now using down that’s responsibly sourced. Down comes from duck and goose feathers, and down has to be harvested in a way that does not endanger animals. Many ducks and geese are killed for their feathers, so selecting a down parka jacket made from responsibly sourced down is critical.

Down parka jackets can be expensive, but a higher fill power will keep you warm even when temperatures are low. Moreover, you can check the temperature rating of your down parka jacket to find out how well it performs in cold temperatures.

Synthetic insulation

Using synthetic insulation in a parka jacket is a great way to keep warm while still having great mobility. However, it is important to note that all synthetic insulation is not created equal. The quality and durability of a jacket’s insulation will depend on the material used and its construction. In addition, a parka jacket with synthetic insulation will usually be heavier than one with down insulation.

Several companies manufacture parka jackets filled with synthetic insulation, including PrimaLoft. This brand produces high-end synthetic insulation in the form of a quilted fill that mimics the feel and fluffiness of down. The company is dedicated to environmental innovation and has earned a bluesign certification for its product.

Synthetic insulation is more resistant to water than down, making it an ideal choice for outdoor activities. It does not lose its loft during rain or stormy weather, so it will keep you warm even when wet. Furthermore, it will dry faster than down. This makes it a good choice for those who live in climates with rain and snow.

The most important consideration when choosing a synthetic-insulated jacket is the fit. The jacket should fit snugly to the body without interfering with the rest of your clothing. For example, a parka jacket with down insulation will have a rectangular fit. Still, a jacket with synthetic-filled insulation will hug the body and allow you to wear baselayers and thin fleece under it.

Another important factor when choosing a synthetic-insulated jacket is the material. While down jackets are typically made of wool or down, synthetic jackets can feature stretchy panels for breathability and mobility.

Non-removable hood

When purchasing a parka jacket, it’s important to look for features like a removable hood. These add extra insulation and warmth to the coat. In addition, some hoods have cinches on the rear, while others utilize elastic at the hood’s opening. While some hoods are great for keeping out the cold, others can be polarizing for casual use.

The synthetic Microsoft in this parka is excellent for trapping heat and resisting moisture. There are also drawcords to help cinch the parka into a flattering shape. This parka also features a detachable faux-fur collar and two hand-warmer pockets.

Longer length

A long parka jacket is a versatile piece of outerwear. This coat is made to keep you warm in the coldest winter months. It comes in various colors and includes an adjustable inner waist and a drawcord hem. It also has internal drawstrings at the waist and several pockets.

Invented by the US Army in the 1940s, this style has never really fallen out of favor. The reason it has remained popular is due to its functionality and warmth. It also provides good rain coverage. Mods liked its warm and practical features. Today, there are a variety of high-end brands that offer this style.

These parkas are made with synthetic Microsoft, which helps to trap heat and resist moisture. They also have drawcords for shaping and are equipped with a fleece-lined hood and detachable faux-fur collar. In addition, it has two hand-warmer pockets. This type of parka will keep you warm and cozy, whether you’re a man or woman.

More pockets

If you’re looking for a warm winter coat with more pockets, you’ve come to the right place. The Uniqlo parka is both affordable and perfect for cold-weather commuters. Its removable hood is pocketed when unused, and the coat folds up small into a storage pouch. Model Jenna Milliner-Waddell has been seen wearing the coat for hours on end.


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