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What is Scurvy?

If you have wondered, “What is Scurvy?” you’re not alone. It’s a serious ailment that can lead to severe physical problems. Several signs of scurvy include bruising, internal bleeding, and splotchy skin. It can also cause bad breath and loose teeth. In addition, the lack of collagen in the body makes old wounds and mucous membranes bleed. In severe cases, bleeding near the brain or heart can result.


One of the most common causes of scurvy is a diet deficient in vitamin C. People prone to scurvy often experience general weakness, anemia, gum disease, and skin hemorrhages. Vitamin C is not synthesized in the body and must be consumed through diet. Scurvy is an ancient disease that first emerged in the 15th century B.C. It was first associated with sailors who were on long voyages. It was first thought that sailors contracted scurvy after consuming a diet low in fresh fruit and vegetables.

Other signs of scurvy include generalized edema, severe jaundice, and hemolysis. In severe cases, scurvy may lead to internal bleeding, coma, and even death. If you’re suffering from scurvy, it is best to consult a health professional as soon as possible.

Scurvy research can be improved through anthropological approaches. Researchers should consider how the diets of ancient peoples differed and what resources they had available. Moreover, they should look at patterns in nutrient deficiencies according to age, status, and sex.


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