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What is Scrap Paper in English?

What is Scrap Paper in English?

Scratch paper refers to any kind of paper used for casual notetaking, sketching, and doodling, though technically, any form can fall under this definition. Unfortunately, however, its name often connotes low-quality or waste paper products. Choose the scrap paper for sale.

Some linguists suggest this expression could be an eggcorn resulting from mishearing; others disagree.


Scratch paper in English refers to the form used for taking notes, sketching sketches, or doodling casually, such as making quick notes while passing the time. It should not be used for formal projects like school reports or writing novel drafts – instead, it should be used casually, like taking quick notes on quick jotting sessions or drawing some quick doodles to keep yourself amused!

Some linguists maintain that scrap paper and scratch paper are not interchangeable; instead, scratch paper generally refers to any form of writing, while the former indicates waste that gets reused for something like envelope backs or notebook pages.

Linguists note that both terms still need to interchange entirely and have similar meanings. Some speculate that scratch paper may have come about through mishearing another word or phrase – perhaps someone first coined the term scratch paper and heard someone else mention “scrap paper,” as both comments have closely-related roots.

Linguists also argue that “scratch paper” does not refer exclusively to any form of paper; instead, it more closely relates to notepaper for taking a class or work notes. Sk sketch pads are usually small notebooks explicitly designed for sketches and doodling.


Scratch paper refers to any inexpensive sheet of paper used for casual notetaking purposes, often cheap and easily disposable after being used once or twice. It has been around for decades – an expression coined decades ago.

The origin of Scratch Paper remains obscure. Some experts speculate that scratch paper may have originated as an eggcorn – an expression accidentally formed due to mishearing another word or phrase – while scholars suggest the noun phrase could have come from “scratch pad,” an everyday term for taking notes or ideas down quickly and efficiently.

Scrap paper, waste paper, or simply old paper is typically inexpensive and reusable if only written on one side; an author could use old notebook paper as she writes her novel plot down notes while writing her drafts.

Some individuals also utilize scrap paper for different purposes, including stamping labels onto it before stamping them onto the material they’re printing onto; testing different colors of ink; practicing handwriting skills or various handwriting styles; and testing other handwriting techniques or their handwriting style. Similar terms include scribble paper and notepad; the choice depends entirely on individual preferences.


As a noun, scrap paper refers to any form of writing material suitable for casual writing, such as notepads or notebooks with some blank surfaces available for writing on, as well as previously used paper, such as that found on letters or old notes.

Though many people may use these terms interchangeably, it’s important to recognize there is a distinction between scrap paper and scratch paper. The latter has more specific connotations, precisely that of recycled or inexpensive wastepaper being reused; similarly, it could refer to anything which lacks value or utility.

Some people refer to “scratch paper” as the notepaper used for informal notes or sketches that won’t last too long; perhaps someone sketches an image on scratch paper before applying it to larger canvas surfaces.

Scratched is often associated with fights or quarrels. These events may range from minor disagreements to full-on brawls – it’s no mystery why this term is frequently associated with such incidents.


The scratch paper refers to any form used for taking notes, from blank sheets and notepads to scraps of old paper and even scraps from recycling bins. Depending on who you ask, scratch paper could also mean any writing surface with which a pencil can be used, making this term extraordinarily versatile and valuable.

While “scratch paper” might refer to only certain types of paper, some linguists do not agree. According to them, its true meaning lies not so much with any particular form but more so with casual writing itself; any paper which makes writing easier or quicker would qualify as “scratch paper.”

Writing notes on scrap paper can be immensely useful when taking notes in a foreign language, providing practice with handwriting while sparking ideas for projects or classes. This tactic can mainly assist those learning the lingo.

Many in the paper industry consider scrap to be any paper material that can be recycled into new products, including mill broke (discarded paper trimmings from a mill), pre-consumer waste (paper that consumers did not purchase before being dumped back out), and residential, mixed paper (paper left from homes that have already been sold to consumers).

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