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What is Included in a Renault Full Service?

What is Included in a Renault Full Service?

Maintaining your Renault is an integral component of car ownership. Regular service can prevent unexpected breakdowns and ensure its continued optimal performance, and it may increase its resale value should you ever decide to sell it later. Read the Best info about تعمیرگاه رنو شرق تهران.

An intensive Renault primary service involves an exhaustive series of checks. This covers every element outlined in your Renault manual and protects your warranty.

Engine Oil & Filter Change

Oil for your car engine is an indispensable fluid that lubricates all its moving parts and prevents breakdown or irreparable damage while at the same time helping ensure smooth running conditions – therefore, regular changes are recommended to maintain optimal engine health and functionality.

Your car will notify you when it’s time for an oil change by flashing its warning light, although you should still act quickly to book a service appointment as it can be detrimental.

Your Renault owner’s manual will recommend the optimal type of oil, though you have various choices between standard and premium oils if that suits you better. Your preference will ultimately depend on how many miles per year you cover, as some engines require higher-grade fats than others; alternatively, you could try opting for synthetic oil, specifically engineered to resist breakdown and endure high temperatures more effectively.

Cambelt & Brake Pads

Cambelts are essential for your engine and should be changed regularly to keep it operating smoothly. Otherwise, worn-out belts could snap, resulting in engine failure and complete engine shutdown.

A full service includes replacing front brake pads and discs to ensure proper braking performance and safety for you and your car. Over time, pads will wear away to their metal backings and need replacing to maintain adequate braking performance and ensure safe braking performance.

Accredited dealers that use genuine parts and fluids will offer your Renault service with genuine parts to give you peace of mind and maximize its resale value when selling it later. Stamped service books make your vehicle even more appealing to potential buyers.

Lookers Arnold Clark offers comprehensive Renault servicing. Book online, or visit one of their branches near you for further assistance.

Air Conditioning System

Your Renault’s air conditioning system keeps you cool by circulating refrigerant, which flows from its compressor through a cooled receiver before entering an expansion valve where its temperature is further decreased. Finally, it travels through evaporation coils in your cabin, where its gaseous form turns into air blown from air vents as cool air. After returning to your compressor, it begins the cycle again!

You should re-gas your Renault’s air conditioning system every two years to ensure maximum efficiency between annual cleans. Re-gassing will help prevent microbial and fungal contamination that could otherwise create musty odors in its cabin.


Our technicians will conduct an in-depth tire inspection (including your spare) to assess its condition, pressure, and tread wear. They will advise if any replacement tires are required.

Are you looking to budget your Renault service costs and spread them more evenly over time? Why not take out a maintenance plan? These plans cover regular servicing, wear, and tear issues, and parts and labor guarantees – offering peace of mind to both parties involved.

Alternative booking options include visiting one of our branches. Here, we offer services such as tire safety checks, complimentary exterior light bulbs, and wiper blades, as well as using genuine Renault parts with one-year warranties and can add MOT** certification for PS40. Book your service online or contact your nearest branch for more details.

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