microdermabrasion machine

What is a Microdermabrasion Machine?

Microdermabrasion machines are skincare devices that employ exfoliation and suction to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. They help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and even out skin tone. Find out the best info about microdermabrasion machines.

While crystal microdermabrasion machines can be powerful, they may be too harsh for sensitive skin. A diamond-tipped wand may offer better options to meet all client needs and can come with different intensities for the appropriate results.


Microdermabrasion machines use either crystals or diamond-encrusted tips to physically exfoliate dead skin cells and reveal fresher, younger-looking skin. Microdermabrasion may be helpful in improving uneven skin tones due to sun damage, acne, or simply aging; it’s a good solution for people who experience sun-damage scarring or have susceptible complexions; however, it should not be considered suitable for those suffering from deep scars severe eczema or psoriasis.

The procedure is generally non-painful; however, it’s essential that clients follow their skincare professional’s instructions on prepping their skin prior to treatment. For instance, clients should cleanse and pat their skin dry with a clean towel prior to beginning any procedures that may lead to infection by dirt or germs entering open wounds.

During treatment, the device is moved across the skin in a sweeping motion to exfoliate away surface cells while vacuuming up any exfoliated particles that have accumulated on top. Some people describe it as feeling like the rough lick of a cat’s tongue or receiving a gritty facial massage, but it should never be painful. If it becomes uncomfortable or ineffective, please notify your skincare professional, and they can adjust accordingly.

Once treatment has finished, it’s essential to use a gentle cleanser and moisturizer with SPF 30+ protection to restore skin hydration levels and avoid sunburns. Also, apply sunscreen, as newly exfoliated skin can be more susceptible to UV rays.

Microdermabrasion not only has aesthetic benefits but can also be used to clear mild acne by unblocking pores effectively. Furthermore, it allows topical products to penetrate 20X deeper, thus increasing their effectiveness.

Lancer Skincare’s PRO POLISH device provides the pinnacle in personal microdermabrasion for both face and body. It offers eight distinct treatment modalities at low consumable costs for an unparalleled personalized microdermabrasion experience. Furthermore, its unique feature allows targeted attention to areas of concern for smooth, healthier-looking skin that radiates.


Diamond microdermabrasion machines offer non-surgical skin refinishing techniques using sterile diamond heads that gently abrade off the top layer of skin and then vacuum out any particles containing dirt or dead cells that remain behind. If used regularly in combination with products that penetrate to reach dermis levels, it is an extremely effective way of getting brighter, glowing, and younger-looking skin; such products replenish natural nutrients, restore cell activity, and promote a healthier complexion.

After each treatment, the machine’s diamond tips should be cleaned and sanitized, and the metal wand and glass tubes should be regularly washed in hot water with mild disinfectants to eliminate bacteria that could potentially grow and infiltrate client sessions. In addition to using proper equipment care and maintenance, it is also important to remember that clients may experience mild pinkness or sensitivity directly after their session; this typically subsides within hours.

Crystal microdermabrasion can provide many skin benefits; however, its power diminishes in delicate areas around the eyes or mouth, where there’s a risk of inhaled crystals damaging delicate tissue or inhaling the crystals themselves. As such, many salons, day spas, and medispas offer gentler alternatives like diamond microdermabrasion; this process replaces crystals entirely with an esthetician using an esthetically controlled diamond tip wand, which enables more accurate treatments of even sensitive spots.

Facial exfoliation is one of the most sought-after treatments available at beauty therapy salons. The process removes dull and dead skin cells, brightens complexion, and decreases age spots and sun damage while reducing fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation issues, and overall texture issues. Most clients require multiple sessions to reach the desired appearance, although spas and medispas often offer full facials that include exfoliation as part of a combined facial experience with face masks and massage treatments.


Microdermabrasion helps remove dirt, excess oil, and dead skin cells from the surface of your skin to leave it looking brighter and healthier. Furthermore, it clears clogged pores, removes blackheads, and decreases age spots or hyperpigmentation appearance, improving texture while creating smoother-looking and more youthful-looking skin texture overall.

To perform this service, an esthetician begins with clean skin that has been stripped of makeup, lotions, or oils. They will then place eye protection over the client’s eyes to shield against debris that may be kicked up during the procedure. Finally, as they lie back down for treatment, an esthetician will gently glide their handpiece across their face and neck area with diamond tips on its handpiece to gently exfoliate dead cells off the surface of their face and neck area – leaving skin smoother and softer after every visit! The results can often be seen immediately following treatment, with results usually noticeable soon afterward as clients enjoy feeling smoother skin immediately post-treatment!

The diamond tip can also work to deep-clean pores, clearing away blackheads or excess oil that might clog them. This can have a dramatic effect on their appearance and help prevent future breakouts. In addition, microdermabrasion helps remove dead skin cells that cause fine lines and wrinkles on the face, creating a smoother canvas more conducive to other skincare treatments like chemical peels.

Bruun’s professional microdermabrasion machine features various diamond tips designed to treat different facial and body areas. This allows estheticians to tailor each treatment specifically to each client. Furthermore, the machine can be combined with other therapies like radiofrequency or needle-free mesotherapy for an all-encompassing facial treatment experience.

Microdermabrasion machines rely on filters to protect their inner components from foreign particles that could compromise performance and hygiene, so these filters must be regularly replaced for optimum performance and hygiene. Furthermore, operators will need disinfectant solutions on hand in order to clean and disinfect diamond tips/wands post-treatment.

Intense Hydration

Microdermabrasion machines with diamond-encrusted handpieces provide a powerful facial rejuvenation treatment. The machines’ abrasion and vacuum settings exfoliate, while diamonds buff away dulling dead skin cells to leave clients with smooth and radiant complexions—plus, diamonds help stimulate natural skin cell renewal!

If your clients suffer from enlarged pores, rough skin texture, dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles, or an uneven skin tone, professional microdermabrasion machines like the PMD Elite PRO may help them look their best with weekly sessions using professional microdermabrasion. With its triple-action vacuum system, it delivers deep cleaning while helping reduce fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, and melasma hyperpigmentation.

Start your microdermabrasion treatment off right by starting with skin that’s free from makeup and oils, protected with goggles or eye pads to shield eyes. Next, use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe away any remaining debris before patting the skin dry with a wet cloth or sponge. Depending on your device, some even include misting functions for adding additional hydration, or perhaps select one with different diamond-coated wands with different intensities that target specific areas of the body.

Though microdermabrasion machines offer numerous benefits, it’s important to remember that this noninvasive procedure only addresses superficial skin concerns. While they can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, clogged pores, brown spots, blemishes, and scars, they cannot treat deeper issues such as acne scars, stretch marks, milia warts, or age spots.

To maximize the benefits of your microdermabrasion machine, all its parts and attachments must be regularly cleaned. This includes diamond tips and wands, which should be rinsed with soapy water prior to disinfecting with an approved disinfectant solution. Depending on machine use and brand, filters may need replacing from time to time.