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What is a Dabbing Reclaim Catcher?

Dabbing reclaim catchers are easy-to-use tools that significantly decrease the frequency of cleaning your rig. Reclaim catchers collect any concentrate that falls off from your atomizer, providing a more effortless experience. Look into the best info about reclaiming the catcher.

Reclaim catchers come in various sizes and styles to meet different dabbing preferences, making them simple to clean up after use and elevating the experience!

The TAG Dropdown Reclaim Catcher

Reclaim Catchers are essential accessories for dabbers as they reduce waste and maintain an efficient vaporizer experience. Reclaim catchers save oil and concentrates that remain unvaporized during dabbing sessions – saving both money and reusable material that could otherwise go to waste. They can also reduce the sticky residue that builds up on dab rigs over time, which could hinder their performance.

The TAG Dropdown Reclaim Catcher is an outstanding example of how even simple accessories can drastically enhance your dabbing experience. Designed to sit between your banger and dab nail, this device makes reclaiming leftover dabs easy – plus, its removable silicone bottom lets you collect all that wax!

Start using your TAG Dropdown Reclaim Catcher by attaching one end to your nail or banger using its male-to-male joint and connecting the other end using a keck clip if necessary. Enjoy your session without losing any precious dabs; this excellent add-on is constructed using high-grade materials designed to last regularly, offering flexible joint sizes and angles as desired. Just like gold miners use sifters to separate valuable metal from dirt, this tool helps extract every drop possible out of each dab session!
The Reclaim Catcher with Detachable Silicone Dish

Reclaim catchers are an indispensable accessory for any dab rig, particularly for frequent users who rely heavily on them. Reclaim catchers help prevent buildup from taking over, make cleaning sessions quicker and more straightforward, and ensure every bit of dab goes to good use.

Reclaim catchers are simple attachments that attach directly to a banger or dab nail and collect any extra concentrates before they can reach your main chamber – saving money while helping keep your rig clean and free of clogs.

There is an assortment of reclaim catchers on the market, spanning an array of sizes and styles that are sure to meet the needs of any dab rig and nail setup. When choosing one, make sure that its compatibility matches that of your dab rig/nail setup, which is essential; ensure it features joint sizes/angles appropriate to it as well as suitable material dishes for optimal use.

Reclaim catchers come with dishes made of clear glass to allow you to view your wax collection easily, or they come equipped with silicone dishes that are easily wipe cleanable. There is a wide range of colors and designs to choose from so that your rig and nails match with its ideal reclaim catcher.
The 18mm Reclaim Catcher

Reclaim catchers are an indispensable component of dabbing, enabling you to collect any reclaimed wax that inevitably falls down the side of your dab nail or banger and save both money and keep your bubbler cleaner! This particular reclaim catcher features a silicone container on its bottom which quickly collects lost treasure, fitting most rigs with 18mm female joints as well as connecting directly to its base using its 18mm female joint adapter with male joint adapter on top compatible with 18mm female bangers.

Another unique aspect of this reclaim catcher is its detachable dish, which doubles as a concentrate jar when not connected to your banger. Plus, its durable construction from high-grade borosilicate glass ensures heat resistance!

No matter your experience level or expertise in dabbing, having a reclaim catcher on any rig setup is an absolute necessity. Not only does it enhance flavor while decreasing the risk of clogging, but it pays for itself with several uses! Having one is especially beneficial to low-temperature dabbers, as it allows more wax to remain. So, take your set-up to the next level with one now and start saving both money and rig!

The Reclaim Catcher Adapter

As soon as you take a hit from your dab rig, heat converts essential oils and concentrates into a vapor that travels through your water pipe or rig’s chamber to your mouthpiece, entering your lungs. A reclaim catcher allows you to capture any extra oil or wax that would have otherwise been lost to vapor by its detachable cup – reducing waste while saving money on dabbing materials!

Reclaim catchers make cleaning your rig much simpler. They help prevent wax and oil build-up that clogs your water pipe’s chamber, making it harder to clear. This reduces the lifespan of both the rig and the nail.

Reclaim catchers are an essential accessory for any dab rig owner, no matter their style of dabbing setup. A high-quality reclaim catcher can save money over time by preventing wasted oil and wax, keeping your rig clean, and safeguarding against heat damage. So why wait – grab one now to start saving!

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