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What exactly is Taoist Diet?

What exactly is Taoist Diet?

To truly know about the Taoist diet you have to initially understand a little bit about Taoist beliefs. Taoism comes from often the core of East Wok cookware and Chinese culture and has now roots as deep seeing that 2000 years, although it features only spread to the gulf in more modern times as people begin to reject materialism to get a deeper spiritual understanding.

Taoists are egoless humble those who emphasize compassion, humility in addition to moderation – the other of which is stressed by their minimalistic eating habits.

Though not known for their rule-breaking utilizing their caring nonactive opinions, Taoism focuses on the human reference to nature and therefore they do not have confidence in the rigid and tidy ways of modern society, preferring to check out the natural flow of the Universe. The common Taoist period Yin and Yang appertains to the positive and negative efforts of the Universe.

A few colors blind eyes.
Typically the five tones deafen eardrums.
The five tastes obnubilate tongues.
Fast horses along with breathtaking hunts make heads wild and crazy.
Issues rare and expensive get people to lose their way.

Therefore a sage tends to typically the belly, not the eye,
often ignores that and decides this.
– Tao Les Ching, Part 12

Until recently, the Taoist diet possesses consisted of mainly fresh fruits along with vegetables, with little beef and no grain – while they thought during the digestive course of action demon-like creatures can be released from the rotting hemp and attempt to eat these people from inside out. During more sophisticated times, the diet has changed being primarily based on the acceptance involving whole grains, as well as fresh fruits along with vegetables of tradition.

Typically the Taoist diet relates the five basic flavors with the elements of nature: sweet (earth), salty (water), sour (wood), bitter (fire), and spicy (metal). They believe that becoming carried away and putting one flavoring on a pedestal above yet another causes you not to flavor at all, so it is important to stabilize the flavors to achieve internal harmony.

Taoism is about the natural, and people being part of nature. Probably the most important belief is to ‘eat only food’ – which means to avoid unnatural man-made ingredients that the body cannot proceed with and may contain unbalanced tastes, such as artificial additives, medicines, etc. Heavily processed foods that contain little or no nutritional value, such as white-colored flour, sugar, and junk food are also considered inedible. They are not things that the body is made to consume and do not grow through the earth, so are not organic ‘foods’ fit for human consumption.


In most of the classic Taoist literature, lots of mention is made of the sagacious men of old — or, people who existed within pre-history. Several of the text messages talk about their existing might be breathing, and not consuming meals at all. They lived because they were born and only acquired sustenance from the qi or maybe Yin Yang from the Whole world.

This practice, known as “Bigu” is sometimes employed within many of the Taoist hermit traditions along with mythological ideas, but not necessarily something practical or maybe safe for modern men and women, living in normal society to attempt. Taoists believe that the human point out has altered and the early state has since gone down, meaning it is perfectly tolerable to eat foods.

The earliest Taoists are believed to have had dieting that reflected this thought of sagacious and ignited masters from before record – and also before the progress of agriculture. Thus in the original traditions, grains were not being consumed by Taoists.

The understanding of this could be many rapid from health concerns, to consideration of some mythological, pre-agricultural prior, and even other social variables. The minimalist approach is usually used to explain it, saying that Taoists live off a lot more than food alone and unconsciously gain energy from the cosmic.

However, as alluded to earlier the reason provided in numerous of the early texts because of not eating grain is to not arouse the “Three Worms”.

-The 3 Worms

The first, mythological explanation for abstaining from grain is the three worms.

These are three demonic worms that were believed to live in the intestines associated with human beings that were responsible for the actual decomposition of your body right after death.

Of course, as their objective is to devour your body, it can be in their best interest that you pass away as quickly as possible.

Before death 3 the worms would live in an individual’s intestines, feeding off the ruined bio-matter being digested.

For that reason as your intestines digested the actual grain, the 3 worms might eat the waste which was produced. As they fed on the grains, they would grow better, and later be able to feed off the rest of your body, causing you to perish more quickly.

Since longevity intended for continued cultivation is one of the principal goals of many Taoist routines, the object of the diet was going to “starve off” the 3 composting worms, by lowering your intake of hemp or eliminating it.

From a modern perspective, it is possible that the earliest Daoists simply said a correlation between calorie consumption, aging, or not being well health.

Assuming that a cell phone has a finite number of probable divisions during its lifestyle cycle, it would be necessary to substantially slow down the metabolic process to slow up the process of cell division.

Yet another previously mentioned possibility is just the consideration of a pre-civilized, pre-agricultural interval in time, where men none farmed, nor were these people engaged in the social actions and games of an excess food-producing culture.

The 3rd Immortal King told the actual Emperor:

“You attain the actual Tao by avoiding almost all grains. You will never again need to follow the rhythm of the moon as well as plant or harvest.

“Now, the people of mysterious longevity, they reached old age simply because they remained in leisure and not ate any grains. inch

As the Dayou zhang (Verse of Great Existence) states:

The five grains tend to be chisels cutting life aside,
Making the five organs smell and shorten our covers.
Once entered into our belly,
There’s no more chance to reside quite long.
To shoot for complete avoidance of all demise
Keep your intestines free of excrement! ”

While many ancient Taoists practiced abstention from feed, this is not true. There are lots of accounts of Taoists who else ate, or who begged for rice.

It might be that grain abstention had been more of a purification process, or perhaps a sort of fast, leading up to essential rituals, ceremonies, or règle, like taking long medicines, fasting, taking elixirs, and so forth.


In more recent times, the normal diet has radically converted to focus on being PRIMARILY hemp-based, rather than practicing an overall abstention from grain. However, s, some radical people who er eat, are often bullied by the media and later found to be “starving” for consideration rather than being true early-style Taoists.

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