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What Are The Pre-Requisites For Moving A Hot Tub?

Moving a hot tub is similar to relocating a piano. It typically doesn’t necessitate a professional. However, you must be practical and aware of your physical abilities to ensure safety.

An empty tub usually weighs around 1000 pounds, depending on its size. You can transport it by yourself, provided you gather a group of acquaintances or relatives to aid you and devise strategies and backup plans along the way.

Pre-moving Preparations

Take accurate measurements of the tub.

Have you heard the age-old saying, measure twice, cut once? Apply the same principle to measure before installing your hot tub. Thoroughly measure all pathways, truck entrances, and gateways to ensure the tub can pass through them. Repeat the process to avoid any errors. Additionally, measure the hot tub itself. If you don’t have access to the tub beforehand, refer to the manufacturer’s specifications for accurate dimensions. If the tub doesn’t fit into a gate, consider taking down a part or hiring a crane to move it over any barriers.

Select a proper vehicle.

If you need to relocate the hot tub to a different location, you will require a means of transportation. This is where accurate measurements can be helpful.

If you rent a truck or vehicle from a transportation company, inform them of the hot tub’s dimensions and seek prior advice. These companies may have specialized vehicles like auto-trailers, which are suitable for transporting hot tub. Ideally, the hot tub should be placed precisely in a box truck to ensure its safety from external factors during transit. If this is not feasible, you can place the hot tub on one of its sides, but take extra precautions to secure it and prevent it from toppling over.

End location preparation

Get the final destination ready in advance to prevent any unforeseen problems during the transportation of the hot tub. This can be quickly done if you shift the tub within your premises. If you cannot assess the ultimate spot beforehand, arrange for a storage area for the hot tub until you’re ready to set it up.

What equipment do you require to move a hot tub?

Below is a compilation of essential tools required to relocate your hot tub. However, depending on your hot tub, you may need additional tools to detach or safeguard it.

  • Garden hose: For emptying the water from the system.
  • Measuring tape: Crucial for a successful move, as mentioned earlier.
  • Protective equipment: To transport the hot tub securely, you need to plan and indulge in teamwork. Purchase a back supporting brace and leather gloves. If you have rented a truck, ensure you have protective gear on-site.
  • Transportation mode and route: Decide how to move the hot tub and the surfaces on which you will be moving it. Are you moving it across even pavement, a rocky path, or a grassy area? Are there any tight turns or steps on the road or path? Your solution may be as straightforward as putting Schedule 40 PVC tubes on even ground or laying down plywood to use a furniture dolly or pallet jack. Professional movers employ custom-made spa dollies, a costly purchase for a one-time move. Whether fastening the tub on a truck or keeping it stable on a dolly, ratcheting, tie-down straps provide a secure connection and flexibility.
  • Assistants: It is time to enlist some human hands! Generally, not many people are required to transfer a hot tub securely. Usually, four to six people are enough. If you are unsure, it is better to have more helpers than required.

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