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Vacation Villa Dos and Don’ts

Vacation Villa Dos and Don’ts

In a popular tourist vacation spot, pool villas are in sought-after demand. But more is needed to buy or build a property and join a rental software. The Interesting Info about วิลล่า.

The success of just about any villa, ensuring excellent opinions and repeat clientele, relies not only on marketing and operations but also on the design of the property or home itself. And creating accommodation that is suitable for both being lived in by the owner and rented out when they are not there can be a tricky business.

It calls for planning from the design level onwards, balancing the master’s long-term needs with your high-end traveler for only a few nights, setting up a space personalized to the owner, and attracting the tourist market. Much of the requirements are unobtrusive and technical, while others mean that keepers may have to accommodate design characteristics that they may not previously consider.

Below, we gather some dos and don’ts for each area of the villa, which is a helpful checklist to bring any time consulting your architect or management company.

Grounds along with gardens

  • DO construct a higher perimeter wall around the house: privacy and security are crucial for most villa guests. Flower covers can be used to make a more appealing boundary. Walls also help keep animal intruders, such as dogs and stray dogs, from the villa grounds.
  • DO maintain the garden as a low-maintenance area. Landscape gardeners can recommend plants that provide flowers and leaves with minimal care.
  • PERFORM provides lots of covered outside spaces, such as sales (gazebos), terraces, and outdoor eating areas, as guests will undoubtedly spend most of their time outside.
  • DO install a pool. This is an absolute must for your holiday market. Experience shows that villas with no pool tend to be rarely rented out.
  • AVOID making a deep swimming pool. Heavy pools are technically more challenging and more likely to incur issues with leakage and so on. However, a level of 1 – 1 . to two meters is sufficient to allow swimming and shallow enough to accommodate play.
  • DO consider the children’s pool a correct barrier to the deeper region.
  • DO provide sufficient outside lighting for evening technique pool, garden, and safety reasons.
  • DO consider providing a barbecue for guests’ use.
  • DO provide protected parking, as the weather in Krabi can damage automobiles.


  • DO stick to an all-natural, neutral palette with information of rich color. Light shades are a no-no with this type of tropical villa.
  • AVOID clutter the space: in addition to being simpler to maintain, there is not so much about guests breaking or harming.
  • DO factor lockable proprietor storage areas into the house strategy so that you have somewhere to maintain personal belongings when you are not there.


  • DO use a transformer, which is needed for a secure and stable electrical supply. You might run only some air conditioning units simultaneously, with several laptops and other electrical equipment, but visitors will.
  • DO construct the “technical room” to house almost all electrical controls, water penis pumps, pool equipment, etc., so they are easily accessible in case of problems. This can also be a storage room intended for garden tools and so on. It should be separate from the rest of the property and lockable so that young children cannot access it.
  • DON’T mount dimmer switches in any place: they don’t work with energy-saving lamps. Instead, you may consider obtaining alternative soft lighting rapid lamps, etc . – in most rooms.
  • DO offer a get better at key or key credit system: with so many gates and doors on a single property, it might be hard for guests to keep up with, and it is confusing to find the appropriate one if they return after dark.
  • DO install high-speed internet access throughout the property; it is now essential while air conditioning for the international visitor.
  • DO also offers a networking LAN cable and a Wireless network, which can occasionally fail to function correctly.

Special needs

  • DO consider your wants for younger guests. For example, young children may require extra security with the food prep and around the pool area, in addition to high chairs and cots, which must be available on request.
  • DO make the property or home wheelchair accessible: avoid inner surface steps (also easier intended for cleaning and maintenance); offer wider corridors and entrances; at least one access should be floor level or perhaps ramped.
  • DO offers a seat in a shallow swimming pool area for wheelchair end users and older guests to help sit.


  • DO offer a coffee machine, microwave, and water dispenser in addition to the usual cooker, fridge, and sink: these are the number one visitor requirements.
  • Bear in mind that providing picnic equipment is.
  • COMPLETE provides plastic glasses, a system, and cutlery for little ones and use around the swimming pool area.
  • Don’t think it is necessary to air condition your kitchen or living room areas: when they are designed with high ceilings and enormous windows, natural ventilation could be sufficient – and more pleasurable.


  • DO consider providing a mix of double, single bedding, or even bunk beds when space allows.
  • DO consider incorporating a sofa bed to accommodate youngsters or extra guests.
  • CARRY OUT provides a personal safe in every bedroom. Invest in a very reliable, expensive one that is huge enough to fit a notebook and, ideally, an internal power socket for charging.
  • CARRY OUT provide an iPod dock and also a DVD player.
  • DO make positive flashlights in all study-in-bed drawers in case of a power outage.
  • DO provide extra strength sockets in bedrooms for charging electrical equipment.

Guests communication

  • DO distant label controls and consider possessing simple written instructions regarding operating various equipment.
  • Remember to add notes about economical and environmental protection relating to towel and linen adjustments.
  • DO prepare a “house book with practical advice about the property and personal ideas for dining and excursions: it is a beautiful way to welcome you and your guests.

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