magic eraser with AI

Using the Magic Eraser App on Your iPhone

Erase objects and people, remove watermarks, text, logos, stickers, backgrounds, and skin blemishes; additionally clear away background crowds, trash cans, wires/power lines/fences / breakages/ scratches on surface areas, etc. Select the best magic eraser with AI.

Magic Eraser is an exclusive Pixel feature, but many apps in the App Store allow you to use its magic for free.

Object Eraser

Google Pixel phones have long been known for their “Magic Eraser,” an instant feature designed to remove people or objects from photos without much effort or noticeable quality loss. Now, iPhone owners can experience this same feature—if they’re willing to pay.

After selecting a photo to edit in the app, several editing tools will appear at the bottom of your screen, including an Object Eraser tool. Use your finger or Apple Pencil to highlight an object you wish to remove from an image with this tool and tap its checkmark icon once completed to confirm. Your iPhone will then process and erase unwanted objects while leaving a seamless transition with surrounding pixels.

The results are so impressive that you may never notice what was erased! Unfortunately, Object Eraser doesn’t always work perfectly—in the photo gallery below, for example, while it successfully removed one person from the street scene, it left a visible haze around an orange shopping bag and railings, which makes it clear what has been eliminated.

Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra phone features an Object Eraser that does a better job at removing small figures from photographs than before and also performs more reliably overall, although its success may still fall short of perfection.

Object erasers can also be used to remove text from images, watermarks, and blemishes. While not as effective for more intricate objects, it’s a helpful way to tidy up or add artistic flare quickly. You should experiment with it until it fits best, but overall, it offers fast retouching photos quickly and easily with its variety of effects, such as color enhancement or blurring; further editing tools can be accessed through its menu button for deeper edits.

Face Eraser

When your photo contains distracting elements in the background, it can quickly derail its beauty. But worry not – there is an app available that can solve this issue quickly: Magic Eraser was introduced with Pixel phones in 2021 to remove rogue objects by blending them in with their surroundings – plus, best of all, it is free to use!

The Magic Eraser app uses advanced artificial intelligence to quickly erase objects or people from photos, making them appear as though they weren’t ever there in the first place. Additionally, this powerful application can remove watermarks, logos, text, acne, blemishes, and clothing stains.

It’s easy to use, too—simply select the area of your photo that needs editing, brush over its outline, and see the results immediately in a live preview before clicking “process” to complete the edits.

If the Magic Eraser feature doesn’t do enough, manually choose what to delete using the Remove Object tool and its Size Adjust feature to make precise deletion easier. Furthermore, Camouflage makes objects blend more naturally into their environments by altering their colors.

The app also enables you to add blurring effects to photos to minimize movement effects, making it an excellent solution for those with limited editing time. Plus, both iOS and Android devices support it, so you can edit photos on the go!

Meitu Xiuxiu is an effective Magic Eraser alternative that can help remove unwanted objects or people from photographs. The app can retouch portraits, remove dust particles, and erase red eyes in pictures. Its beauty mode can enhance and beautify selfies. Cropping/resizing options make the process faster, and it even features batch processing as an optional extra feature!

Background Eraser

You may already know about one of Google’s most impressive and widely advertised features: Magic Eraser. This tool lets users erase unwanted objects from images with just a few taps, enabling users to take professional-looking photographs quickly.

Google recently announced that it will add its powerful photo editing app, Google Photos, to both iPhone and Android system users, expanding access beyond Pixel owners alone. This announcement represents a tremendous advance over its previous offering, which only allowed Pixel owners to use this tool.

This tool enables you to customize the tolerance, size, and variability of a brush while setting how the eraser will change over time. For instance, you can choose to allow its size and tolerance to fluctuate based on pen pressure or stylus wheel position or limit erasing to contiguous pixels or non-contiguous ones; furthermore, you can set this tool to protect sampled colors, preventing it from erasing them.

Edge detection is another invaluable feature of the tool that makes erasing easier, mainly when dealing with hair or fur erasure. Furthermore, this feature helps detect edges so as to erase between objects with accuracy, leaving no gaps behind and no edges becoming jagged or jagged edges present. Furthermore, edge detection makes for quick cleaning up of dust or dirt on images as well as eliminating blemishes or other forms of imperfections quickly and accurately.

Businesses will also find this feature invaluable. It allows them to present a cleaner image of their products or services, increase engagement and conversion on social media platforms, and improve brand credibility by eliminating flaws in photographs.

Filter Eraser

Magic Eraser is an exclusive Pixel feature that allows users to delete objects from photos with just the push of a button. Ideal for eliminating photobombers or any unwanted distractions from your compositions, the Magic Eraser helps remove dust, scratches, and other imperfections that degrade image quality for a more professional and polished result.

Google’s app detects apparent objects for removal and provides suggestions, with taps on those highlighted as suggestions being erased by the app and blended into its surroundings. Even hard-to-spot items like power lines or fences in the background can be removed with this technique. Furthermore, this application offers a Camouflage feature to reduce distracting objects by changing their color to blend into their environment more seamlessly.

Apple iPhones do not include an inbuilt Magic Eraser feature, but various apps provide this function. Some are free, while others may require payment. Either way, top Magic Eraser apps can easily remove watermarks, logos, text, acne scarring, and wrinkles from images to provide clear images without interruptions or watermarks.

YouCam Perfect is an innovative alternative to Magic Eraser that boasts an intuitive user interface and a variety of features. This app lets you quickly remove trash cans, messy telephone wires or power lines, stray dogs, fences in the background, surface breakages or scratches, and distracting stickers or text. Plus, it can level up photos by eliminating noise, glare, and other imperfections that compromise their clarity!

Snapseed is another photo editing app with a similar function to Google’s Magic Eraser: its healing tool can effectively remove objects from photos with one brush stroke; however, its precision may differ significantly.

Adobe Lightroom is a professional photo editing tool with an erasure tool similar to Magic Eraser. It offers advanced algorithms to restore images to their original texture and appearance, making it a fantastic solution for retouching photos. Furthermore, Lightroom allows you to remove watermarks, correct imperfections, and slim down subjects quickly and efficiently.