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Using Holistic Doctors is another option for more affordable healthcare.

Here’s a bit of medical industry insider information… While traditional physicians may advise you on medications and surgery, few are qualified to advise you on health and well-being. Find the best holistic practitioner near me.

As a result, an increasing number of individuals consult with holistic physicians.

When designing a route to well-being, holistic medical experts consider all aspects of your health. Said holistic medicine addresses you as a complete person.

Holistic physicians obtained their MDs by attending traditional medical colleges. And, occasionally, we may use what I term “pharmaceutical medicine,” suggesting medications or surgery. However, it is just a minor portion of the therapeutic methods we draw from. Pharmaceutical treatment is seldom our first prescription due to its poor efficacy in addressing the underlying causes of sickness.

Instead, holistic physicians include diet, lifestyle modifications, and emotional wellness. In addition, other medical systems, such as Indian Ayurvedic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, naturopathic, chiropractic, and homeopathic medicine, are sometimes used.

It is a rich and robust kind of healthcare that extends well beyond the limitations of traditional, pharmaceutical-oriented treatment.

Is Medicine Becoming More Holistic?

We are now seeing a significant transformation in how medicine is performed. Many physicians, like myself, have recognized traditional health treatment’s limitations and have tried to broaden our knowledge. Similarly, millions of individuals have taken charge of their health and are increasingly seeking out holistic physicians, preferring treatment that focuses on well-being.

Some medical institutions, such as the University of Arizona’s School of Integrative Medicine, are broadening their medical curriculum to accommodate this new health knowledge. Acupuncture, for example, is now covered by several health insurance carriers.

However, mainstream medicine seems to be moving in the other direction in many ways.

A group of researchers from the North Carolina University School of Nutrition examined 104 medical schools in 2004 to assess how much nutrition was addressed. In 2004, they discovered that just 38% of schools taught the National Academy of Sciences recommended 25 hours.

Given how vital nutrition is for health, 25 hours is paltry compared to what doctors need to serve their patients well.

Unfortunately, the study’s findings did not improve with time. These same researchers polled 105 medical schools in 2010. And this time, they discovered that the percentage of schools following this criterion had decreased to just 28%. Also, these researchers found fewer medical schools surveyed in 2010 required a dedicated nutrition course as part of their graduation requirements. The average number of hours each student spent studying nutrition had also dropped.[1]

Doctors are losing out on critical healing aspects by not understanding diet. Thanks to growing research, we know nutrition does more for your health than medicine. Here are just a few examples…Select the best holistic doctor in Dallas.

  • A handful of daily nuts is considerably better for your heart than statins.[2]
  • Fish oil can do more for depression than many antidepressants;[3]
  • And digestive enzymes beat out prescription anti-inflammatories for joint pain and muscle problems.[4]

But despite this evidence, if doctors want to delve into nutrition meaningfully, they have to learn about it on their own time. They won’t understand it in medical school.

holistic medicine practitioner

Other healing modalities like acupuncture, meditation, and herbal medicine with solid research behind them are also ignored in medical schools. This is despite many of these “alternative” healing approaches yield better results than conventional medicine and are usually safer with fewer side effects.

In addition, at a time when healthcare costs are grabbing everyone’s attention, natural healthcare is almost always much more affordable.

How To Expand Your Health Care Options With A Holistic Doctor
Thanks to the global information age and tremendous research on non-conventional healing, we can access more healing knowledge than ever.

There is no excuse for doctors to ignore the resources we have at our disposal to help our patients enjoy good health. And – as the number of people using holistic doctors demonstrates – patients don’t buy that excuse either.

Good health results from your whole body working together in relative harmony. As a doctor, I am obligated to help you find the best way to do this.

As I have discovered after decades of practice – and from tackling my health challenges – this means stepping outside conventional medicine’s constraints.

Holistic doctors play a crucial role in helping medicine shift to embrace more solutions and offer you better choices. We work together with conventional doctors to provide complementary interventions. And – as board-certified MDs – within our practices, we offer an integrated approach that includes both traditional and alternative medicine. Find out the best info about holistic medicine practitioner.

By straddling these two worlds of healing, we bring significant medical changes that benefit everyone. Getting into nutrition, acupuncture, herbal knowledge, and other practices makes healthcare more comprehensive, effective, and affordable.

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