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Updates to the Google Play Store and Phone Link App

Updates to the Google Play Store and Phone Link App

Several recent updates have come to the Google Play Store and the Phone Link app. These updates have added a new feature for non-phone applications. You can install these apps using your phone’s Play app or web browser. Once the app is installed, you’ll need to set up an account.

Update to Google Play Store

You can use two methods to update your phone’s Play Store app. The first method involves going into your phone’s settings. You’ll need to be on the latest Android version and have the Play Store installed. In this way, you can install new features and update your phone’s app version.

The second method involves using a third-party app store to install and update apps. This is a popular way to install apps. However, you must be very careful and follow the instructions carefully, as some apps might not be supported by your phone. For example, installing a game on the phone may prevent it from being downloaded to another phone.

You can update your phone’s Play Store version either manually or automatically. To do this, head to your Settings menu and select the Play Store option. If you don’t see the Play Store version you’re looking for, you can either go to the APK website and manually download the latest version. Try clearing your Google Play Store cache and data if that doesn’t work. Sometimes, updates in the Play Store can be demanding and mess up your old cached files, so it’s best to clear them first.

New feature for non-phone apps

The Google Play store is about to get a big update, and it will help developers market their non-phone apps better. The update is set to roll out worldwide and automatically remove apps that don’t support a specific phone or system. This might benefit non-phone apps because they’ll be easier to discover.

The new version of the Google Play Store also enables users to install applications remotely without installing them on their phones. Other updates include improved navigation, accessibility, and data presentation. The new website offers a simplified interface for finding and installing apps. In addition, users can now filter the available apps by device type. This is especially useful for users who own non-phone products such as laptops, tablets, and TVs.

Google is also expanding its app discovery functionality, including new homepages that cater to non-phone devices. It also plans to introduce a new search filter for games, a new filter for non-phone devices, and remote installation for Android apps. These updates should make the Google Play Store more attractive to users.

Changes to the Microsoft Phone Link app

The Microsoft Phone Link app has been upgraded with a new design and functionality. The app enables you to mirror phone functionality on your PC, starting with photos and texts. It has since expanded to take calls, show notifications, and run apps. The new UI looks familiar, but there are some noticeable changes, including the fact that information will now be more prominent.

One of the most significant changes is that Microsoft is adding support for more Android phones. Previously, the Phone Link app only supported Samsung devices, but that has changed. Now, it will support devices like the Surface Duo and Honor smartphones. The app’s name will also change to Link to Windows.

Another change is that the Phone Link app will now be available in China. The Chinese version of Windows 11 will bring the feature to the country. The update will be available in the Chinese market on select Honor devices. Previously, the app was available only on Samsung and Surface Duo devices. However, Windows 11 users can get the app using a QR code.

The new version of the Microsoft Phone Link app allows users to make calls from their PC. It has three tabs: Messages, Photos, and Calls. When the user chooses a check, the app populates the contents of that tab. Users can also view their recent call activity. Users can also select a phone number, which enables them to make calls from their PC.