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Troika Sky Dining in KL

Troika Sky Dining in KL

In KL, Troika Sky Dining is a rooftop dining spot just a short walk from the Petronas Towers. It features six different restaurants, including Cantaloupe, a fine dining Italian restaurant; Strato, a wine bar; Mr. Chew’s Chino Latino Bar, inviting diners to ‘eat chino, live Latino; and Brasserie Fritz, a French restaurant with global influences.

Cantaloupe Troika Sky Dining menu

The Cantaloupe Sky Dining menu is a multi-concept dining experience with a breathtaking view of the city. The menu includes four, six, and eight-course set menus and a range of natural and organic wines. The menu also has gluten-free options.

The Troika Sky Dining complex features six rooftop restaurants, including the stylish fine-dining Cantaloupe. Other restaurants include Strato, an Italian restaurant; Claret, an elegant wine bar; Mr. Chew’s Chino Latino Bar; and Brasserie Fritz, a French restaurant with global influences.

Egg and Confit tuna

Troika Sky Dining is a unique dining experience that celebrates the beauty of the sky. The restaurant’s Cantaloupe location features an incredible skyline view, and the menu includes a choice of four-, six-, and eight-course set menus. There’s also an extensive wine list focusing on organic and natural wines. The cloudy, citrusy Le Clot de l’Origine “Le Trouble Fait” is a particularly impressive option. It’s full of playful citrus notes and a balance of acidity and fruit in the mouth.

Brasserie Fritz

The Brasserie Fritz on the Troika Sky Dining menu is a French restaurant with a twist. Its decor draws attention to its name, which is etched in lights. Designed by the hotel’s Head of Marketing, Pierre-Andre Clergue, the brasserie pays homage to the glitzy ’20s Paris of Stein, Hemingway, and the Fitzgeralds. They were three influential American writers, and the restaurant serves food influenced by their stories.

Brasserie Fritz is a cozy oasis in an otherwise hectic world. Located at The Troika in the heart of KL’s business district, it exudes an air of urban elegance while maintaining a metropolitan feel. The Brasserie Fritz menu has a wide range of options, from soup to steak. Its Plat du Jour set menu is priced at RM65++ for three courses and includes a complimentary tea or coffee.

The menu features a few familiar dishes from the Brasserie Fritz brand. The Orange Souffle with Chocolate Sauce, close to two decades old, is served with a splash of Grand Marnier (RM5). You can also try a new dessert called the Strawberry Macaron, which features a large pink macaron base with a layer of cream. The fruity creaminess of the fruit tempers the sweetness of the sugary base.

Le Clot de l’Origine “Le Trouble Fait”

Le Trouble Fait from the Domaine Marc Barriot is a white wine that ranks high among Cotes Catalanes wines. It has an incredibly complex nose and palate, with lots of fruit and mineral. Its mellow sweetness is complemented by notes of grapefruit, peach, and minerals. It’s a beautiful wine to drink with desserts.