trading mom

Trading Mom (Movie Review)

The Story

Trading Mom follows the Martin children, Elizabeth (Anna Chlumsky from My Girl movies), Jeremy, and Harry, who are unhappy with their mother, Marguerite Martin. They desire someone to spend more time with them instead of working endlessly or complaining that she hasn’t enough money or time to clean their fish bowl. So they consult Mrs. Cavour (Maureen Stapleton), their gardener at home, who tells them of a magic spell to erase memories of their old mother so they can shop for new ones at Mommy Market.

So, the kids make their wishes and exchange them for an experience with different mothers whose personalities range from eccentric artists and sports enthusiasts to clownish performers. Each week they experience life with one new mother; as they embark on new adventures together, they discover that having a perfect mother may not be so great after all and come back home appreciating who their mother is.

Trading Mom is an endearing family film with plenty of heart, sure to appeal to young families. Sissy Spacek gives an impressive performance as three different mothers. There may be some dated backtalk from Martin’s children and overly exaggerated portrayals, but overall, Trading Mom provides plenty of entertainment for everyone involved.

The Characters

Tia Brelis’ Trading Mom is an engaging yet unremarkable family fantasy film. The plot follows three siblings (Anna Chlumsky, Aaron Michael Metchik, and Asher Metchik) who grow frustrated with their married, single mother (Anne Chlumsky) and wish someone else would raise them. When their current mom disappears from memory through magical means, they turn to Maureen Stapleton, who promises them she can erase her from memory while allowing them to shop at “Mommy Market.”

After its brief theatrical run, this PG-rated film has mostly fallen into obscurity but has nevertheless earned itself a modest cult following among those interested in family comedy films. Sissy Spacek steals the show in her hilarious performances as all four new moms, as she joins an ensemble cast portraying different types of mothers, from singing/dancing/cooking to eccentric artists to sports fanatics.

While their attempts at replacing their mother are amusing, they eventually realize how much they miss and appreciate her love and devotion to them. The film provides an essential lesson about loving and accepting both of your parents despite them sometimes seeming annoying or distant.

Trading Mom will appeal to anyone who’s ever wanted their nagging mother gone, as well as parents of young children. Though some might find the language from Jeremy (e.g., “no wonder Dad left her”) offensive or the over-the-top acting from Spacek in all four roles disconcerting, Trading Mom remains an entertaining tale that children of all ages will enjoy watching unfold – regardless of your taste in entertainment! Available to stream via iTunes, Amazon Instant Video Vudu, and Tubi for streaming use; make sure to use a VPN if possible to avoid geo-blocking issues!