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Top Commercial Lawyers in San Jose


Are you in need of a San Jose business lawyer? Look no further. These attorneys specialize in all aspects of running an enterprise, from formation to litigation.

They provide advice on employee matters, such as wrongful termination. They can assist with creating contracts and employee handbooks so you can safeguard both your employees’ and employers’ rights.

Steven Stark

Steven Stark is a highly-rated commercial lawyer in San Jose who specializes in patents, trademarks and copyrights. With extensive experience gaining and maintaining hundreds of patent registrations across various fields such as mechanical, electrical, chemical and business method inventions, Mr. Stark has earned himself an impressive reputation among his peers.

He specializes in helping his clients navigate the complex world of intellectual property licensing and enforcement. This includes negotiating and drafting licensing agreements between clients and manufacturers of various products, as well as prosecuting and defending claims brought by third parties for patent infringement.

He is a frequent guest speaker on topics ranging from intellectual property to legal technology and writes regularly about the most current developments in these areas. Furthermore, he is an accomplished composer and musician, having recorded cello and guitar tracks for many renowned artists such as Green River Ordinance, Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne, Steve Burns, David Hodges, The Starlight Mints and the Lovely Sparrows in the studio.

Sue Dunbar

For small business owners and startups, Sue Dunbar is the go-to attorney to protect your interests. She has extensive experience in this area of law.

She possesses extensive expertise in internet, business, intellectual property and contract-related matters. Her mission is to deliver high-quality work product with speedy efficiency and affordability.

In this case, the Court of Special Appeals (CSLB) had to determine if Dunbar’s administrative proceedings fell within the “police or regulatory powers” exception to the automatic stay enshrined in SS 362(b)(4) and thus should not be precluded by collateral estoppel. While CSLB suggested Dunbar waived his jurisdictional argument by not attending the administrative hearing, Dunbar challenged it explicitly via letter to the deputy attorney general; additionally, Gruntz’s expansive holding suggests state rulings on the scope of automatic stays can be reviewed regardless of whether Dunbar fully litigated or appealed it at state level.

John D. Teter

John Teter is the head of his own tax law firm with all the resources and experience to tackle any issue. He offers personalized service and insightful analysis to every client, striving to help them reach their objectives efficiently – whether they need help with tax audits, appeals or other matters. With over 30 years of expertise under his belt, John Teter can quickly determine the most advantageous course of action. This combination of real-world knowledge and commitment to continuing education make him a highly-rated commercial lawyer in San Jose with hundreds of cases handled throughout his career.