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Top 5 Communication Apps for Teams

In today’s increasingly diverse workplaces, with remote positions becoming more prevalent than traditional 9-5 work, an effective communication app is more essential than ever to fostering productivity through clarity and alignment. These tools enhance efficiency by supporting productive conversations. Select the best employee communication apps.

They offer features such as unified communications and collaboration capabilities, multimedia support (photos, videos, GIFs, and stickers), as well as presence/status indicators.

1. Slack

Slack is a team messaging platform that efficiently communicates through text or audio/video calls. It is user-friendly and offers excellent security. Plus, it is accessible to screen readers such as JAWS, NVDA, and Narrator users.

Users can create channels based on topics, projects, or people. They can make these channels public or private and add emojis, files, and links to their messages for further personalization.

Slack provides team members with a seamless way to collaborate and share project files, cutting down on internal emails while increasing productivity. Users can also host quick meetings through this app to discuss urgent matters.

Slack also allows users to recognize each other with “kudos,” similar to applause, for their work and promote a healthy workplace culture. This feature can be especially beneficial for remote employees or employees who don’t get together often in person. With over 1,500 integrations and robust search capabilities, it helps businesses remain organized and productive – not to mention quick retrieval of information and the capability of threaded messaging, keeping conversations organized.

2. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts combines video chat and instant messaging services into one simple application, offering video calls as well as instant messaging capabilities. As part of both Google Calendar and Drive, Hangouts can be accessed across desktop computers, mobile devices, and Chrome extensions. Its user-friendly interface makes the app accessible even to non-tech-savvy individuals.

This platform can also create a group video call with up to 10 people or a Hangout on Air broadcast for an audience larger than that. Text conversations and group chat rooms that accommodate up to 250 members can also be created using this platform. Writers also appreciate being able to form virtual critique groups without meeting face-to-face.

Google Hangouts allows messaging to be sent from within its interface, with users effortlessly adding images such as emojis and emoticons. In addition, screen sharing and photo slideshows are supported. It is integrated with Gmail, so conversations can begin directly from Gmail itself, and it recently replaced Google Talk service due to its more robust feature set.

3. Telegram

Telegram is an Android and iOS-compatible cross-platform mobile messaging app with direct and group chat features. It boasts a substantial user base and impressive file-sharing abilities. Furthermore, this unique messaging service features unique functions that set it apart from similar services.

While not designed as a team communication tool, Slack can still be useful for smaller-scale collaborations between coworkers, with its strong security measures and end-to-end encryption protecting communications from prying eyes while being supported by an extensive customer support system.

Telegram recently unrolled a series of updates designed to enhance user experience, including changes to Saved Messages and one-time voice or video messages, granular privacy settings, and detailed read receipts.

Telegram features an expansive bot ecosystem to help automate tasks and increase productivity. It also offers numerous customization options, such as changing app colors or how links open. Furthermore, it’s available on Linux, which makes it an excellent solution for businesses operating across platforms.

4. Slack Teams

Slack is a top-rated communication app that offers teams many features to increase collaboration. It integrates seamlessly with productivity tools like Google Drive and Trello, so employees can share files easily within conversations. Furthermore, its clean interface includes collapsible side panels for navigation, while its tabs for chats, teams, calls, and files make for effortless work management.

Your Pinned Messages feature keeps important login and project resources from getting lost among a sea of chatter. Its search function makes locating relevant messages quick and easy. Furthermore, its helpful reminders help employees stay on track.

Chanty boasts robust security features to protect company information, and only authorized users can gain access. Furthermore, its co-authoring of MS Office files within the app makes it ideal for organizations using Microsoft products. However, for an all-in-one team communications and collaboration tool with task management functionalities that are also audio/video calling/screen sharing/task manager, Chanty provides all these functions and more! To learn more about its features and pricing, get a free demo now!

5. Connecteam

Connecteam is a tracking, communication, and scheduling system created specifically for businesses employing hourly workers. It offers all-in-one monitoring, communication, and scheduling features such as time clock, shift swapping, shift coverage, overtime reporting, employee attendance tracking (allowing managers to see who has been absent or late), real-time attendance tracking, and a customizable dashboard.

Employers can communicate with their team using an easy chat feature that supports images, GIFs, documents, and videos. Additionally, this mobile-friendly application does not require extensive training for new users and allows employees to manage their schedules and work hours while on the move.

Small—to mid-sized businesses with nondesk employees, such as field or remote teams, will find this product particularly helpful. Large organizations looking to enhance communication and productivity will find its user-friendly interface and communication tools praised by customers. Unfortunately, its pricing can be higher than others, and it only offers plans for 30 or more users.


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