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Top 5 Best Racing Games For Xbox One

Whether you are looking for a new racing game for your computer or you just want to have a good time racing around, there are many different options out there. Whether you are interested in the latest racers such as Midnight Tokyo Racing and Ion Formula Racing 2022 or you are looking for something a little different, such as SnowRunner or Need for Speed Heat, there are plenty of options out there.


Developed by Bugbear Entertainment, Wreckfest is an arcade racer that combines classic racing with backcountry demolition derby dressings. Wreckfest is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It is also available on mobile for the iPhone and iPad. It is a bonkers title that blends the best of sim and arcade racers.

Wreckfest’s campaign mode is divided into five championships. Each race features a variety of events. Some of them are demolition derbies, while others are simple races. In a typical demolition derby, two cars crunch together and try to stay out of the scrap pile. These races can be fun, but they can also be a bit tedious.

F-Zero X

Despite the fact that it hasn’t been released on home consoles since 2004, F-Zero X is still a highly popular racing game. It’s been 20 years since the game was released, and the game has maintained its high standards in terms of graphics, gameplay, and experience.

This game was developed by Amusement Vision and published by Nintendo for GameCube. It stayed true to the game’s main gameplay from the Nintendo 64 version while adding more variety in terms of tracks, races, and vehicles.

Need for Speed Heat

Despite some flaws, Need for Speed Heat is a fun racing game. It features a great leveling mechanic and a nice risk-and-reward system. The game features both day and night modes, as well as a range of cars and events.

Need for Speed Heat is developed by Ghost Games and published by Electronic Arts. It is the 24th Need for Speed game. It features sanctioned race events during the day, as well as illegal street races at night. It also features Hot Pursuit, an online multiplayer mode.

F1 2022

Whether you’re looking for a fun arcade racing game or a more realistic motorsports simulator, there are plenty of great options out there. Here are a few of the best racing games for Xbox One.

Assetto Corsa Competizione: This game is a racing sim that lets you drive any car, either single or multiplayer. Its graphics and physics are some of the best in the genre, and it’s worth a look if you’re in the market for a new game. Its multiplayer mode is rating-based, and it offers great detail on modern GT cars.

Assoluto Racing

Whether you’re a fan of racing games or not, Assoluto Racing has you covered. It is a mobile racing game that delivers the real-life feeling of competition in an immersive world. Whether you’re looking to race on your own or play against other players from across the globe, there’s something for you. The Assoluto Racing app is free for both iOS and Android devices. The app is packed with features like realistic driving and drifting, over 800 events, and a robust multiplayer mode.

Midnight Tokyo Racing

Described as a “work in progress,” Midnight Tokyo Racing is an arcade-simulation street racing video game. It features a virtual replica of Tokyo, Japan, a wide-open world map, and more than a hundred cars. Designed to look and play like the real thing, the game is ideal for racing fans.

The game is also packed with social features, events, and challenges, allowing players to compete against each other. The game features 130 distinct automobiles, including Japanese tuner cars. Players can also customize their cars with body kits and other cosmetics.

Trials Rising

Developed by Ubisoft Kyiv, Trials Rising is the next iteration in the Trials series. It is a 2.5D motorbike racing game. It features a teeming Trials universe, including over 125 tracks and more than 8,000 items. It also features an ambitious track editor.

Trials Rising uses ragdoll physics to let players ride dirt bikes on a 2.5D plane. You control your bike’s lean, throttle, and speed. The aim is to navigate each track without failing. You can do impressive tricks, such as bunny hopping, but you have to learn how to master the game’s physics system.

Ion Formula Racing 2022

ION Formula Racing 2022 is one of the many free Roblox games to choose from. This mobile and PC title features first-person driving mechanics, a plethora of racing circuits from around the world, and a fun, competitive multiplayer mode. The game also features one of the most impressive virtual cockpits in the game, which makes racing on your mobile device a breeze.

Forza Horizon 5

Among the many racing games available today, Forza Horizon 5 stands out as a true contender for being the best racing game of all time. It offers a wide range of gameplay options, an expansive map, and a rich selection of cars. The game also includes plenty of optional races, which can add an element of challenge to your driving.


Whether you’re looking for a new challenge, or you just want to experience the thrill of driving off-road, one of the best racing games is showrunner. SnowRunner is the sequel to Spintires and MudRunner, two similar simulation-based vehicle games. Both games push the limits of driving and also require precision and careful navigation through the rugged terrain.

In SnowRunner, you’re tasked with driving heavy trucks, hauling over obstacles, and exploring the wilderness. You can even call for help. The game’s five-part delivery system requires you to master each element of the vehicle, and to know how to use different gears, differential locks, and wheel placements.


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