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Today’s Artistic Highlights in Barcelona

No matter its global fame, Barcelona’s art scene remains vibrantly local. Explore renowned galleries as well as emerging talent for an authentic experience in Barcelona’s art scene. Discover some of its top cultural spots. The actual Interesting Info about exposiciones barcelona.

This modern museum on Montjuic is dedicated to Catalan artist Joan Miro and features his entire body of works. Offering stunning city views, art enthusiasts should not miss this visit!


MACBA, or the Museum of Contemporary Art Barcelona, is one of Barcelona’s premier cultural landmarks. Designed by American architect Richard Meier and located in its Raval neighborhood, its primary goal is to showcase exciting examples of contemporary artistic creation through workshops, courses, lectures, and commented visits.

MACBA features works by many renowned Catalan artists as well as foreign ones who were inspired by Barcelona’s modernism, and this collection tells a unique narrative about art during the second half of the 20th century in this unique city of Barcelona.

If you want to visit MACBA, there are various ways of doing it, depending on where you’re staying in Barcelona. Walking from Raval, Gothic Quarter, or El Born districts should be relatively straightforward; alternatively, you could take the metro (red line), Placa de Catalunya (green and red lines), or Liceu (blue line). Once at the museum, you will experience its fascinating artistic journey through both temporary and permanent collections.

Fundacio Joan Miro

The Fundacio Joan Miro is dedicated to the work of Catalan painter Joan Miro and other contemporary art exhibits, but it also features other forms. Its collection comprises over 8,000 drawings, 217 paintings, and 178 sculptures, in addition to ceramics, textiles, and graphic works. Staying true to its founder’s vision, it remains one of Barcelona’s leading art museums today.

Josep Lluis Sert, the architect of the building, designed it with stark white walls that contrast with Miro’s vibrant works. Additionally, its open space and minimalist design make this museum one of a kind in Barcelona.

Miro is an iconic surrealist known for fusing abstract forms with elements of Catalan folk art to craft his unique style. His works capture Catalonia’s culture and identity while attesting to historical events that shaped it; his influence can be found all throughout Barcelona, from mosaics in airport terminals to colorful tiles on La Rambla.

FAD (Foment de les Arts i el Disseny) is a non-profit organization that promotes arts and crafts in Catalonia through exhibitions, awards, talks, public programs that encourage creativity and innovation across Catalonia’s cities and public programs that foster dialogue between diverse individuals to build stronger communities.

La Plataforma

La Plataforma Gallery and Creative Production Studio first opened its doors to the public in 2010 in an old factory located in Poblenou. Since then, their goal has been to promote art through temporary exhibitions, cultural event production, curated projects, and temporary installations. Over the first decade, they evolved into an internationally focused contemporary gallery that promoted emerging and established national/international artists who reflected different realities of the cultural landscape and artistic world in their works.

El Sala Plataforma is an iconic spot of Barcelona’s nightlife. It boasts an original atmosphere and decor while regularly hosting weekly sessions from some of the hottest DJs of the season.

La Plataforma is an innovative 1.300m2 warehouse located in Barcelona’s city center that uses an innovative storage model and offers over 6.500 reference stock construction materials from families such as fontaneria, woodworking, and painting ferreteria ceramic. Furthermore, various services, including biometric systems and cytometry cafeteria parking, are offered. All services are completely guaranteed for one single price, making this option perfect for businesses and professionals as their work comes directly to them via delivery services.

LOOP Barcelona

One of the premier art events in Barcelona, LOOP is an annual fair and festival celebrating video as an artistic medium. LOOP seeks to challenge traditional aesthetics that focus on exhibitions; instead of being “exocentric,” events at LOOP take place across various spaces without necessarily surrounding them and offer new ways of working culture.

LOOP first opened its doors in 2003 by filling hotel rooms with galleries specializing in video art. Since then, LOOP has expanded to encompass an array of activities designed to illuminate its history while building bridges to contemporary art discourse and providing a meeting point.

LOOP 2018 hosted over 50 galleries from Spain and beyond, many demonstrating its importance by exploring social issues through video art. Carles Tache Gallery displayed Frederic Amat’s 10-minute study on hand movement, while Galeria Fucares showcased Antonio Muntadas’ video work exploring global value transformations.

LOOP offers more than video art exhibitions; we also host professional meetings, workshops, and conferences where international experts examine audiovisual practices from both a formal and theoretical angle. All events are open to the general public, so anyone interested can learn more about this exciting form of art!


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