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Tips for Digital Film Production

No free filmmaking software will help you learn the ins and outs of digital film creation. How many people have had a friend or relative show them a lousy video they made using a digital camera and free digital editing software? Typically, the screening takes place in someone’s living room. Friends and family gather around to enjoy movie popcorn to express their support. Nobody says anything while watching, but they think, “What a POS.” When the final credits roll, a few people will offer their half-hearted support. The actual Interesting Info about film tv production.

Poor digital film production methods should be reserved for personal sex tapes and truly awful wedding videos. Digital film production tools and software are useless unless you learn how to use them like a competent indie filmmaker.

If you put in a little work and time to grasp the fundamentals of digital film production, your film will benefit greatly. As with most things, the more effort you put in, the better the results. For the moment I have your attention, I’d like to discuss some digital film production fundamentals that will help you become a better filmmaker.

Practice operating your camera, whether an iPhone or a Canon XL H1A Camcorder, before the first day of shooting. Nothing is more frustrating than attempting to learn how to use a camera on set. Cast and crew will become frustrated, resulting in shoddy work and performances. Unavoidable technical issues might be overlooked until they are resolved. Your lack of knowledge will not be an issue. Instead, the cast and crew will quickly turn on you. Even if the production team comprises volunteers, they expect you to respect their time and not waste it.

The majority of indie filmmakers use filming sites to which they have access. Taking your screenplay to your venues and deciding where you want the camera positions is brilliant filmmaking.

In layperson’s terms, this can be accomplished with simple camera shot sheets and storyboards. A shot sheet, in general, is a list of what you want the camera to record during a specific scene. Consider it like getting instructions to a location. In this situation, “somewhere” refers to the end of your scenario. Storyboards are built on the same concept, but instead of only words, images are employed.

Knowing where you’re heading visually before you arrive on-site enhances the likelihood that your film will be completed and not a flop. Furthermore, having a filming road map gives you more opportunities to be creative with your shots because you aren’t left thinking, “Where do I go next?”

Beg or borrow an external directional microphone (shotgun mic) for your shoot if necessary. People will tune out your movie faster than microwave popcorn can pop. Unfortunately, many prospective filmmakers do not pay enough attention to mic placement while filming and fail to note potential audio problems in specific areas.

You’d be surprised how much difference proper mic placement makes in audio quality. Even if you only have one mediocre shotgun mic, you are far better off than relying solely on the built-in camera mic. With an external shotgun mic, you may choose the ideal location to gather up audio.

During one film production, we discovered that shooting conversation from behind the actors rather than above them resulted in significantly higher sound quality. Our rock and roll sound guy transitioned from standing on a step ladder to lying flat on their back. It was fantastic for audio.

If a place has audio issues, don’t get too caught up in how cool it appears. If critical speech is to be captured during a scene, avoid locations near busy railroad tracks, airports, or high-traffic areas. The expense of automatic dialogue substitution is prohibitively expensive for most indie film budgets. (ADR). Assume that any audio you record on location will be what you have when you edit your masterpiece.

There is much more to digital video creation than I could discuss in the short time I had your attention. But these pointers will help you become a more knowledgeable indie filmmaker. So if you are serious about becoming a successful movie producer, join the waiting list for Movie Biz Coach. I’ve agreed to be a frequent contributor and have much to say about filmmaking, from script to distribution.

This is where we part ways as friends if you’re happy making personal sex tapes, incredibly terrible wedding films, or POS movies. I hope you employ one of the digital video production pillars I’ve provided to better what you enjoy seeing. It will improve anything you are photographing, believe it or not. Sid Kali here, typing FADE OUT.

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