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Tips for Choosing a Time Tracking App

When looking for a time tracking app, you want to look for features such as easy use, scalability, and affordability. Also, ensure that the app you choose offers a wide range of primary and advanced features. In this article, we’ll go over some of the best time tracking apps and give you some pointers on choosing the right one for your needs. Hopefully, you’ll find one that fits your business’ needs.

Easy to use

You are not alone if you are looking for an easy-to-use time tracking app. Time-tracking software has become a popular way to keep track of employee hours spent on tasks and provide reports and statistics. The main purpose of time-tracking software is to increase productivity and identify time-wasters. Still, the idea has expanded to suit businesses of all sizes. It can help your employees stay on task and determine what factors affect their performance.

Toggl is a simple timer-based time-tracking software that lets you create tasks and projects. You can begin tracking time by clicking the start button and stopping it when you are finished. You can also switch between tasks, create an invoice, and send it without leaving the app. You can also share the project time report with colleagues or clients. Many integrations are also available, making this app an excellent option for freelancers and large distributed teams.


Reporting on time tracking apps can be very useful, allowing you to see which tasks are taking more or less time, thereby helping you make better use of your time and improve your productivity. You can also look at projects taking longer than expected to see if you can improve your efficiency in those areas. In addition to reporting on time, these apps also allow you to track project costs, which is very useful for project managers.

Many of these apps can monitor and track the activities of your employees, allowing you to see what they’re working on and spending their time on. You can even monitor how much time employees spend on different projects, assign tasks, and generate custom reports. Timely’s reporting features include:

  • Bulk editing.
  • Marking multiple entries as “billed” at once.
  • Managing tags.
  • Sharing customized reports with clients.

You can look elsewhere if you’re unhappy with Timely’s timekeeping features.


Time tracking apps are useful tools that track employees’ working hours and generate comprehensive timesheets. They allow you to see billable and non-billable hours for each employee. They can be shared with clients for accurate invoicing and billing. Timesheets also make calculating a team’s working pace and profitability easy. If you are a freelancer, a timesheet calculator can help you keep track of the number of hours you spend working on various projects. You can also see the total hours spent on different tasks and projects. Then, you can adjust your plan accordingly to stay within your budget.

While many time tracking apps allow users to manually add a task and time, others have dashboards that let you edit your time log post-hoc. The ability to add time blocks and edit them post-hoc is important. You never know when your phone will ring or if something will interrupt your time-tracking session. The most powerful time tracking apps also have export and invoice options. In addition, most of these time-tracking apps have a feature that allows you to share your data with other team members.


Time tracking apps help companies keep track of hours spent on various projects and tasks. They also help them determine if they’re on time and make it easy to compare schedules. While time tracking can be a complicated process, the most useful apps make it easy to track hours spent on projects. ATracker is one such app. Its easy-to-use interface makes setting alarms and tracking time on individual tasks easy.

Hours Pro is an advanced timer with multiple reporting options and data backup. It also offers timesheets and supports automatic resets for recurring jobs. In addition, tick allows users to enter time from any location and send project budgets to themselves in real-time. Professionals often look for a simple web-based time tracking app. It’s a great option for small businesses and freelancers. The tick has an excellent iOS app and integrates with over 400 third-party apps, including QuickBooks and Basecamp. It even has an Apple Watch app.

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