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Things to Consider When Considering CBT Training

If you’re considering CBT training, there are several things to consider. First, you should understand what the level of training is. Level I introduces you to the full range of core cognitive behavior interventions. Level II introduces you to Dialectical Behavior Therapy, while Level III focuses on Schema-Focused Therapy.

Level III introduces you to Schema-Focused Therapy.

Schema-Focused Therapy (SFT) focuses on the core needs of individuals adaptively. This process helps clients reduce symptoms and increase recovery. Specifically, the therapy targets early maladaptive schemas that may have been formed during childhood and may contribute to mental disorders. In this article, we’ll explore this treatment’s concepts, tools, and techniques.

The course aims to provide therapists with the knowledge and skills necessary to use this therapy to help their clients. It also aims to provide support, confidence, and insight. Finally, it will also challenge you to view yourself through the lens of this therapy.

The first stage of SFT begins with defining what a schema is. In cognitive psychology, a schema is a system of preconceived ideas that helps us understand the world. It can also be a reoccurring pattern of thoughts and emotions that we use to organize new information. In schema therapy, a person’s schema can be early maladaptive and may include an early maladaptive theme. This means that a person has not paid attention to their own needs or has developed the belief that others will love them only if they fulfill their needs.

The process of completing Level III involves completing several requirements. These include providing schema therapy to patients within a timeframe of 12 months. It also requires the completion of several small group supervision sessions and scores provided by supervisors. The examiners then review the scores, and a final decision regarding your competence to practice is made.


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