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The Volkswagen Golf Is a Great Car

The Volkswagen Golf Is a Great Car

Whether you’re looking for a car that’s comfortable and safe, or a car that offers a powerful and sporty driving experience, the Volkswagen Golf is a great choice for you. There are a variety of different models to choose from, so you’re sure to find a car that suits your needs.

GTI vs Golf R

Whether you’re in the market for a new car, or you’re looking to upgrade your current ride, you may be wondering which is the better deal: the Golf GTI or the Golf R. While both cars may be similar in features and design, it’s hard to deny that the R has some real advantages. Besides being a little more stylish and a little more capable, it has more tech and a bit more power, which is especially handy in snowy weather.

Both cars are well made, but the GTI’s steering is a bit stiff and it’s hard to tell if the power to the ground is up to par. On the other hand, the Golf R has a more aggressive braking system and bigger brakes.

Safety ratings

During a recent safety inspection, the Volkswagen Golf received the top score of five stars from Euro NCAP. The NCAP rated the vehicle in all areas including protection of occupants, assistance systems, and ride and handling. Volkswagen Golf also received the highest ratings in child occupant protection.

The new Golf has been equipped with a comprehensive safety concept, including active lane control, adaptive cruise control, a Tire-Pressure Monitoring System, and an Intelligent Crash Response System. It also has a high-tech engine, allowing it to offer a sporty ride.

Volkswagen Golf’s standard front seat center airbag prevents head contact between the driver and front passenger in a side collision. In addition, the VW Golf has an optional automatic emergency braking system. This system activates the brakes in low-speed collisions to help slow or stop the vehicle.

Styling appeal

Having been on sale since 1974, the Volkswagen Golf has a distinguished history. It was originally called the Rabbit in the U.S., and later the Mark 7.5. Since then, the Golf has sold more than 26 million cars around the world.

The VW Golf is a compact hatchback that occupies a distinctive space. It offers a fun driving experience and good value. It’s not as expensive as a BMW 3-series or a Mercedes-Benz C-class, yet it has a plethora of options.

In 2010, the Golf got a makeover, which included a redesigned front end, new wheels, and new engines. It also got some serious interior upgrades. These included soft touch plastics, supportive seats, and a reverse-view camera.

The new Golf also has some very impressive digital features. The front end boasts an LED strip that accents the nose-line of the hood. It also has a pair of digital displays, and a new horizontal grille. The dashboard also has a cleaner, simpler look.

Interior features

Featuring high-tech street smarts and innovative driving dynamics, the 2021 VW Golf offers an unparalleled driving experience. The Golf GTI interior provides plenty of comfort, space, and convenience. A 6.5″ touchscreen system is standard, while a 6.5″ or 8″ glass touchscreen is available as an option. The Golf GTI interior also has a standard USB port and Bluetooth technology.

Volkswagen Golf has a powerful 315-hp 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder TSI(r) engine. It’s capable of accelerating from 0-60 mph in just four seconds. The Golf R also features a powerful, performance-tuned 4MOTION(r) all-wheel drive system. It also has an electronic locking differential, blue-caliper brakes, and a torque vectoring system.

Volkswagen Golf’s rear seats have ample legroom, and the driver and passenger have ample headroom. It also offers 22.8 cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear seats. A folded second row provides a total cargo volume of 52.7 cubic feet.


Several Volkswagen Golf recalls have been announced in recent years. These are free repairs and involve a variety of common safety issues. If you own a Volkswagen Golf, you should contact your local dealer to find out if you need to take it in for repairs.

The Department of Transport has released a comprehensive list of affected VIN numbers. Some Golfs may not have the proper attachment of their radiators. That could cause overheating and loss of coolant. It is also possible that the coolant may leak onto the road.

Other common Volkswagen Golf recalls involving airbags, air conditioners, and brake bolts. The latter issue may cause a sudden loss of drive and increase the risk of a crash.

Another joint Golf recall involves a solenoid switch. This part allows the fuel injection pumps to be controlled. Unfortunately, it can also cause electrolytic corrosion.