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The Busy Baby Mat

Busy Baby Mat is a revolutionary silicone placemat designed to allow parents to eat without worrying about toys being dropped on them by babies. Beth Fynbo, a military veteran, had lunch with friends who all had one-year-olds. She came up with this product.

Her product features tethers that attach directly to the mat, preventing babies from dropping toys onto the ground, and an anti-pull suction feature that prevents children from pulling up the carpet.

Easy to clean

No matter where your dining or travels take you, take the busy baby mat for peace of mind. Made of soft yet flexible material that rolls up easily into a bag for transporting, it allows parents to sit back and enjoy their meal without fearing their child throwing toys or spilling food onto the floor; keeping children busy while you travel is easier with this helpful accessory!

This mat is constructed from high-grade, FDA-approved food-grade silicone that suctions securely to clean surfaces at each corner. Its patented tether system also keeps toys, pacifiers, and sippy cups within reach while being easy to clean – with no phthalates, BPA, latex, or lead content! Perfect for table use, bathtub bath time fun, or attaching directly onto a shopping cart while grocery shopping – making the experience enjoyable all around!

Also available with nontoxic materials to provide your child with repeated practice for developing hand strength, coordination, and finger dexterity. Use as a reusable drawing surface. Choose from various patterns.

Beth Fynbo founded Busy Baby LLC, which manufactures silicone mats to store baby toys and snacks. She devised the concept for Busy Baby while dining with friends who each had one-year-olds at dinner parties. She then took an intensive 12-week entrepreneurship course from Bunker Labs and sought guidance at toy fairs before finally launching her product online for sale through her website in 2020.

Parents sick of picking up their children’s toys every 10 seconds find the Busy Baby Mat an appealing solution to keeping their children occupied while simultaneously picking them up. Not only is constantly picking an exhausting task but often those toys contain filthy germs which turn many off when their child puts dropped items back in their mouth – something this mat helps keep children busy!


If you are in search of a non-slip placemat that also holds toys, then consider the Busy Baby Mat. Made of silicone material, it was designed to prevent toddlers from dropping spoons and toys onto the floor by providing parents with an attachment tether system that allows parents to attach toys directly onto it using tethers – safe for babies yet easy to clean! In addition, its surface provides space for practicing self-feeding, with durable plates and flatware available that can promote independence for use during feeding practice sessions.

The Busy Baby mat is constructed with food-grade silicone that meets CPSC safety regulations and features suction cups on its underside for secure placement on most smooth surfaces. Portable and foldable, making it suitable for dining out, traveling, and accommodating high chairs or baby carriers.

Parents with busy lives who find the chore of collecting dropped toys every 10 seconds incredibly irritating can find relief by turning over these tasks to someone else – not only will this relieve them from having to pick them up all day long, but it can be distressing when filthy germs cover toys that will end up back in children’s mouths again! It’s no wonder parents cringe with disgust when their child attempts to put something unhygienic back in his/her mouth again after playing with it on the ground!

Beth Fynbo, creator of the Busy Baby Mat, presented it on Shark Tank episode 1217. The silicone mat secures baby accessories to any surface while preventing spoons and toys from flying off at meal times with friends with one-year-olds present. Beth got the idea after dining out with friends who also had toddlers aged one.

Alongside its silicone mat, the company sells ropes that can be fastened onto various objects or implements. These ropes can be attached to shopping cart handles, infant carrier handles, car windows, bathtub walls, or stroller bars and come in various colors and sizes for convenient use.

The Busy Baby mat is essential for any parent on the move. It keeps toys off the floor while supporting cognitive development with its unique anchor points and tethers explicitly designed to keep kids entertained while traveling. Its easy clean-up process and removable ropes make this a convenient mat.


Parenting an infant or toddler can be rewarding and exhausting, with eating out particularly hard. Kids constantly throwing toys and utensils onto the ground is cute when done innocently but can become exhausting every time you sit down at a new table – something new moms who lack patience may mainly find difficult.

Beth Fynbo developed the Busy Baby Mat as an innovative solution, sucking tightly onto any table surface while featuring tethers for children’s favorite toys and suction cups to hold them securely – thus eliminating the need to chase dropped and thrown toys around a meal table! In addition, this placemat encourages independence while teaching how to use utensils; available in several stores with positive customer reviews, it’s been well received.

This mat is constructed with food-grade silicone that meets CPSC safety standards and can be used on smooth surfaces. With four anchor points and ropes that keep toys and teethers secure, plus being portable and easy to clean, it’s an ideal way to keep children entertained while you dine out together! It is the perfect way to keep little ones busy while parents try to enjoy themselves too!

Fynbo had her inspiration for the Busy Baby Mat when dining with friends with babies of different ages. Frustrated by toys being constantly thrown around during dining sessions, she began her own company to develop it and later featured it on Shark Tank; since then, it has seen millions of global sales.

Travel-size versions are also available, making this product convenient for use on the go. Attach it to a stroller, car seat, or airplane tray to keep toys within reach and prevent children from touching dirty surfaces while eating; then wipe clean when necessary! Alternatively, the mat can also be used on the back of high chairs or airplane trays and comes in blue and pink options for easy cleaning with dishwasher-safe technology!


Parenthood can be both exhilarating and trying, putting one’s patience to the test. Children treat their parents like servants, expecting them to pick up toys without question. Without help from products like Busy Baby Mat, many parents quickly regret their decision to have children in the first place.

This silicone mat adheres securely to any surface. It features attachment tethers for toys, relieving parents of chasing after dropped items during meals and making meals less stressful for all involved. Ideal for keeping toddlers busy while eating and is easily portable.

These mats are constructed with food-grade silicone free from phthalates, PVC and BPS, making them easy to use and dishwasher safe for convenient cleanup. You can use these double-sided mats for toys, utensils, or snack cups! You can flip one side when one becomes dirty by flipping over.

Beth Fynbo is the creator of Busy Baby LLC, a company that manufactures silicone mats that adhere to tables to keep baby toys in place while dining out with friends with young babies who were constantly tossing toys off of them. This product was devised after dining with them and realizing how often their toys would fall off!

Fynbo has set her sights on moving the production of mats from China to Minnesota and is searching for compression molding companies capable of producing large quantities. Enterprise Minnesota Business Developer Kurt Bear is helping her locate potential facilities throughout Minnesota.

Busy Baby offers an assortment of colors to complement any nursery or room decor, soft and pliable mats that easily roll up for easy transport and storage in bags, and machine-washable materials which allow your child to play again and again – an excellent way to keep children occupied while traveling, visiting relatives or visiting family friends.


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