best places to shop in Italy

The Best Places to Shop in Italy

Shopping is a national pastime in Italy, from boutiques to high fashion labels; everything you could ever need for shopping pleasure can be found there! Purchase directly from makers so you can bring home handmade masterpieces of art or craftsmanship! Check out the Best info about best places to shop in Italy.

Serravalle outlet village offers bargain hunters easy access from Milan with its 225 designer stores offering discounts ranging from 30%-70%!

Via del Babuino

Italy offers some of the world’s premier shopping spots. From high-end boutiques to open-air markets, Italy has something for everyone. While prices in Italy might seem high initially, you could get incredible bargains during sales periods and discover products only available here.

Naples, located near the Amalfi Coast, is an excellent place for fashionistas and designer goods shoppers to purchase fashionable trends and designer goods. Corso Umberto I is a pedestrian street with shops selling high-end designer labels and more reasonably priced options, where shoppers can find an extensive range of clothing, accessories, and furniture stores offering trendy apparel.

Visit Rome’s Via Condotti to explore some of its premier fashion designers and department stores, such as Dior, Prada, Valentino, and Celine. Also, don’t miss La Rmake sure to take advantage of- an elegant five-story department store offering designer women’s and men’s clothing!

For bargainers looking for an outdoor marketplace experience, mercati all’aperto (mehr-kah-tow) markets offer unique artisanal goods from local artisans. You may find jewelry (gioielli joy-ee-ell-ee) in Naples; glass (vetro, voh-trow) in Venice; leather (vera pelle, veh-rah pel-lay) in Florence; and marble (marmo mahr-moh) in Rome; don’t miss Mercato della Pignasecca Market which also features fresh mozzarella as well as traditional pastori or nativity scenes!


Italy offers plenty of shopping opportunities. Florence, in particular, provides plenty of high-end designer brands and more artisanal goods – you’re bound to find whatever you need here – with charming streets and markets packed full of jewelry stores, leather goods shops, and hand-bound books waiting for you.

Via dei Calzaiuoli runs from Piazza duomo to Piazza alla Signoria and boasts high-end stores from designer to everyday modern fashion, from ultra-luxurious Chanel and department store Coin (often likened to Macy’s in the US) down to boutiques offering something for every taste like Sisley, Furla and Disney Store – perfect for luxury shopping in Italy.

Oltrarno Streets provides another excellent option for discovering affordable items, where local designers sell cheap clothing and housewares at reasonable prices. Furthermore, San Lorenzo’s Mercato Centrale market offers plenty of inexpensive clothing options.

Ponte Vecchio offers another ideal shopping spot, home to numerous jewelry shops that sell exquisite works of art. Additionally, its historic bridge is lined with specialty shops selling clothing, shoes, and other goods, allowing shoppers to pick up souvenirs or unique pieces just for them.

Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio (Bridge of Gold) is an iconic landmark that attracts thousands of visitors daily and serves as both a shopping area and a milestone. Here, you will find jewelry shops, restaurants, and even an art gallery – not to mention it is also home to some great art exhibitions! This iconic landmark receives thousands of tourists daily – but its visit is worthwhile!

This unique bridge serves as a market, art gallery, and meeting point for lovers and buskers to linger. It is also an integral component of Florence itself: the Arno flows freely beneath it – making this beloved landmark the best-known symbol of Florence for tourists and locals alike!

Historically, spaces along the bridge were rented out to merchants and artisans for rent. At first, butchers, fishmongers, and tanners occupied these spaces, but as their activities produced an unpleasant aroma, Grand Duke Ferdinand I immediately cleared them out in favor of goldsmiths and jewelers.

Currently, shop windows lining the Ponte Vecchio are filled with precious items such as jewelry. Some manufacturers still create products within ancient workshops on its shores. The night is the best time to visit Ponte Vecchio because thick wooden doors resemble old chests and create an intimate setting.

At Bemer’s, you can also purchase souvenirs such as Montelupo pottery from the Middle Ages, leather gloves and bags from Bemer’s, GABS chocolates, locally produced craft beers and liqueurs, and soap bars with aromas derived from natural ingredients – not forgetting jewelry of course!


Milan is the city of fashion and shoppers’ paradise. There are stores, boutiques, and chain outlets throughout Milan – with Chiaia being an exquisite district offering stylish shops next to historic buildings. Other notable shopping districts are the Duomo area and the Brera district, which also feature high-end boutiques.

As your starting point, consider visiting Galleria Vittorio Emanuele – an iconic shopping arcade built during the 19th century and named for Victor Emmanuel II, Italy’s first King. Packed with famed brands and chic restaurants, this impressive mall makes a statement with its architecture alone but can also provide some of the finest shopping in Italy.

Rinascente in the center of Milan is an essential stop, offering affordable cosmetics, clothing, and accessories from top brands. Plus, there’s always the Mercato Centrale street food hall!

Via della Spiga in Milan is an esteemed street with stylish boutiques and designer accessories. Additionally, there are unique artisanal products on this small bijoux street, like Lucia Odescalchi’s avant-garde jewelry atelier or Patrizia Fabri’s dreamy hat workshop. At Rizzoli bookstore, there is also an extensive collection of books and antiques for you to explore!


Italy is home to many popular shopping destinations that provide everything from designer goods to traditional handmade crafts. Rome boasts several upscale boutiques and fashion chains, while Milan boasts highly-rated department stores such as Rinascente and Galleria Alberto Sordi – ideal destinations for browsing for designer goods and traditional crafts.

Florence offers shoppers an abundance of artisanal leather goods and exquisite handmade ceramics made by local artisans, while Venetian shops specialize in products that make great souvenirs like velvet gondolier slippers or lace-trimmed cocktail napkins from their shops. Beautiful stationery is an excellent addition to Italian souvenirs in Florence and Venice; religious-themed souvenirs from Vatican trips include rosaries or icons.

Milan provides numerous fashion centers and street markets offering familiar brands to shop. Navigli is especially beloved, featuring vintage shops and boutiques selling jewelry and current fashion. La Rinascente department store stands out as an absolute must for fashionistas and offers an enormous variety of merchandise.

Outlet shopping in Italy is another popular activity, where travelers can find discounted designer merchandise at outlet malls throughout Italy. Visitors looking for footwear or the hottest fashion trend will likely find what they are searching for at Italy’s many outlet malls; many also feature dining and entertainment so that visitors can make shopping part of their holiday experience!


Verona may be best known as the setting for Shakespeare’s timeless romance Romeo and Juliet, but this historic city in Veneto also offers plenty of shopping – from high-end boutiques to local markets – making Verona an excellent spot for shoppers of all ages to find something truly unique.

Verona’s main shopping street, Via Mazzini, boasts a selection of shops, boutiques, cafes, and restaurants to make shopping enjoyable and relaxing. Another choice for less crowded options would be Corso Porta Borsari, with smaller stores offering less congestion; perfect if crowds are an issue!

Are you searching for something truly original as a souvenir? Look only as far as Piazza delle Erbe market stalls, where local handmade products from vendors offer something unique. From clothing, jewelry, food, drinks, and even Veronese wines! There’s even a wine shop to experience their distinctive flavors first-hand!

La Favorita Mall provides ample shopping opportunities for severe shoppers in the city looking for serious retail therapy. It boasts clothing stores, shoe stores, and supermarkets for convenient grocery purchases.

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