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The Best Crypto Trading Software

Suppose you want to automate your cryptocurrency trading. In that case, there are various options available to you, from cloud-based trading bots and those running directly on their server – to advanced traders with programming skills. Choose the best best crypto trading software.

These crypto trading tools allow you to copy other traders, use dollar cost averaging, support multiple exchanges, and backtest.


Botsfolio is a platform designed to assist users in managing their cryptocurrency investments more efficiently, such as automated trading, capital protected investments, portfolio calculator and more. Botsfolio integrates with popular crypto exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase Pro and OKX for seamless investing experience – its algorithms are tailored explicitly towards buying low and selling high so users can maximize returns while mitigating risk.

As part of its services, CoinTracking also offers an automatic rebalance feature to adjust portfolios in response to changes in the market, saving users from needing to monitor and make constant adjustments manually. Furthermore, this platform provides top-level security by storing assets in hardware wallets, which provide increased protection from hacking or any other potential security risks.

Botsfolio’s custom risk levels provide another critical feature of digital asset markets; Botsfolio will only sell assets when prices fall significantly below their threshold levels, helping prevent losing too many valuable coins in this way. Risk management in digital asset markets is vital.

Botsfolio offers exceptional customer support services. Their team is available around the clock to answer questions and assist users with transactions, while the website features helpful articles as well as an exhaustive FAQ section and offers email access for personalized assistance.


TradeSanta is an easy-to-use and beginner-friendly cloud crypto trading software designed to enable traders to automate well-known strategies. Supported exchanges include several popular ones with customized bots available that suit any user style; long and short trading can both be accomplished using this service.

The platform provides several technical indicators that traders can utilize when creating a trading bot’s strategy, including the Relative Strength Index (RSI), Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD), and Bollinger signal. Furthermore, traders can set trading volume filters and OCO orders in order to customize their strategy as desired.

Users have two different trading bots to select from: Grid and DCA. Both work similarly but each offer distinct features – for instance, Grid will place buy orders with additional orders to increase profits while DCA places take-profit orders for every buy order placed.

The three-day free trial offered by this platform allows new traders to test out its software and assess whether or not it meets their investing needs. Customer support via email and Telegram is also provided, along with extensive educational materials to assist new traders in understanding automated trading basics.


Crypto trading bots can help maximize your investments by analyzing market trends and conditions more effectively than humans and helping avoid emotional responses or impulsive decisions that might lead to costly mistakes. They can track price movements while optimizing pre-configured trading strategies – however, before using these tools you must understand their risks associated with cryptocurrency.

One of the top crypto trading bots is simple to use and provides a user interface that makes automated trading feel like second nature. Many offer free trials while others require monthly subscription fees – features which may prove particularly helpful for new traders looking for ways to trade.

Although some bots focus on just one coin type, others provide support for multiple exchanges and feature sets. Bitsgap is a popular choice among users seeking comprehensive trading solutions as it supports over 25 crypto exchanges and offers advanced options like arbitrage trading. Furthermore, users can backtest strategies in different market conditions with its back tester feature as well as portfolio management tools.

Cryptohopper is another fantastic option that provides access to over 100 tokens across 15 exchanges and has over half a million users. Their monthly packages range from free up to $99 with user-friendly packages available across Windows, Linux and macOS operating systems. Prioritizing privacy over data collection while operating safely is also at the core of their service offering.


HaasOnline is a powerful cryptocurrency trading bot designed to automate the process of buying and selling digital assets. Combining various features that optimize trading efficiency and increase profits, HaasOnline caters to both novice traders as well as more seasoned ones looking to automate their crypto exchange trades using automated strategies optimized for different profit margins as well as its proprietary scripting language to construct complex algorithms – and its visual drag-and-drop editor allows them to design their algorithms without extensive programming knowledge.

Haasonline is one of the premier crypto trading software programs on the market, offering three, six, and 12-month plans with discounted 14-day trials. Recently, they raised $3 Million through Series A financing which will be put towards innovative new projects but have faced criticism due to their high prices.

HaasOnline is a cloud-based trading tool that enables traders to create trading bots and connect them to cryptocurrency exchanges. Their dashboard can be viewed on any device – mobile phones, laptops, and desktops alike. Multiple exchanges can also be connected so traders can monitor bot activity from any part of the world and track profits/losses in real time; additional advanced features include multi-currency support and real-time statistics.

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