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The AA Roadwatch

The AA Roadwatch is a magazine aimed at analyzing the sport of American auto racing. This week’s edition covers several topics, from INRIX to Conor Faughnan.

Conor Faughnan

Conor Faughnan is one of the most well-known Irish media personalities. He has become a household name, particularly in the area of motoring. His tweets focus on various topics, including the world’s financial situation, and he is very active on Instagram and Twitter.

He has appeared on hundreds of television shows and radio programs over the years and is also a prominent figure in the insurance industry. In 2013, he was appointed Director of Consumer Affairs at AA Ireland, and his retirement was expected in 2021.

When Faughnan joined AA, he became a familiar voice on the radio, often calling out Government Departments and City Councils. As a result, he helped to develop a niche as the AA’s “motorist’s friend.”

He was a regular on Roadwatch traffic reports and has been a guest on Morning Ireland many times. Faughnan could use his professional skills to point out speed enforcement issues.

As a member of AA, he has campaigned against the construction of Luas, as well as against the taxation of the motor industry. He is now a freelance consultant in the field.


The AA Roadwatch has provided Irish motorists with the latest traffic information and reports for the past 32 years. This has resulted in many famous personalities having a hand in developing the product.

It was AA Roadwatch’s success that helped to accelerate the careers of many famous Irish broadcasters. This included Conor Faughnan and Lorraine Keane.

AA Roadwatch is also the only organization in Ireland to provide live traffic reports to listeners on every radio station in the country. They’re read on iRadio, Newstalk, 4fm, and more. AA Roadwatch was part of AA plc in the UK for a while, but now the service is operated by AA Ireland Limited.

AA Ireland is owned by the Carlyle Cardinal Ireland fund, which acquired the Carlyle Global Financial Services Partners group. AA Ireland is the largest insurance company in Ireland. Since its inception, it has become a significant player in the Irish market. Even though AA Roadwatch has ended its long-running radio broadcasts, it will continue to provide travel advice on its website and mobile app.


AA Roadwatch has been around for 32 years. In that time, many of its presenters have been a part of commuters’ lives, launching careers. But now, it’s going to come to a close.

Earlier this month, AA Ireland announced that it would end its long-running traffic reports. As part of its strategy to focus on its new business areas, the association is planning to move away from Roadwatch. The decision was prompted by new GPS technologies that offer motorists a wealth of detail. However, it will continue to provide travel advice and route planners.

For many drivers, the Roadwatch output was integral to their daily commute. In addition to providing information on traffic conditions, the station also featured interesting statistics and newsworthy items.

One of its more prominent presenters, Louise Duffy, recently moved from her early morning show to an afternoon slot. Her move came after she was pulled from her Traffic Reports role. And while she’s made it clear she hasn’t given up her career, she’s taking some time to pursue other interests.


There are many ways to find the information you need for your journey. You may be using one of the leading radio stations, or you could be using an internet-based travel service. One of the best sources of travel information is the UK’s Trafficlink. It provides real-time traffic information to most of the country’s radio stations.

AA is one of the most famous travel information companies in the country. It offers a variety of services, including a road watch app. You can use the app’s fuel finder and route planner if you need to know how to get to a particular destination. While it isn’t as comprehensive as INRIX, the information is still accurate and timely.

As part of its partnership with AA, INRIX also offers Road Weather service. This allows users to receive real-time information about road weather conditions, visibility, and surface conditions. Since weather can be one of the most significant factors in breakdowns, this service can help you avoid accidents and get through the day safely.