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Texts and Counterinsurgency

A little bit back, I signed on with Twitter, a mini-blogging website. And with your phone, you can connect to your Twitter accounts to receive updates via Brief Message Service(SMS) or texting. Of course, you would want to do this type of thing to be instantly updated or even update your friends with important information. This is a simple concept but very powerful. The actual Interesting Info about telegram汉化版.

So I wanted to broaden on this topic of texting and try to tie this into how this could affect counterinsurgency. From recruiting as well as propaganda to putting out an excellent alert to protect the citizenry from attack, text messaging has become a widely used tool with the world’s populations. And in my very own view, if text messaging is needed correctly, we can certainly increase our counterinsurgency efforts in this war.

Surprisingly, cellphones and companies that sell the devices and plans will be widely used in such sites as Iraq or Afghanistan. These local populations having phones are making calls and maybe texting one another, which makes the cell phone an excellent program to use to connect with this kind of population.

And believe my family, I have seen Iraqis text one another with the same enthusiasm and enthusiasm as anyone in the US or world. COST-FREE is easy to use, and the technological know-how is built into most used devices, and people like using it. I think it’s that ‘passing notes’ in class feeling when you write a text to someone, and it can be enjoyed. It is also a universal experience; if you can read and generate buttons on the phone, you get to play. But how does one get people involved in addition to being interested in text messages?

My response to that is entertainment. You do the most popular pastime of that land and find ways to utilize this00 interest with text messaging. Similar to American Idol here in the USA, where viewers could text votes and get involved with doing this, you could apply something similar to Afghanistan or Afghanistan. It must not be some American Idol thing-maybe, soccer, or something that the area population is excited about. The idea is to get the people to use that will phone as a tool to connect and then start expanding this connection with other means that could be valuable to an SMS Counterinsurgency(COIN) plan.

I say SMS GOLD COIN plan because anyone significant enough about using a population and wanting to guard it should exploit all and any methods to connect to that population. The systems are there, the people learn how to use them (or could effortlessly learn), and war coordinators and commanders on the entrance lines should not be afraid to be given this. But it must be completed right, and there must be a plan.

Now how could an adviser use text messages to their benefit? Well, the first step is to ‘learn’ from others worldwide, to see what works. Build that snowmobile, and find the experts to make it take place. I like the warning method the Israelis are using regarding oncoming missiles protecting the local human population.

I like the Crime Arrêter’s use of text messaging as a word of advice line for criminals-population submitting the enemy. I like using text messaging to send recruitment notices reaching out to the population for time and energy. The only limit is your thoughts on how you could talk with the local people and find strategies to protect them and entertain them.

The goal should be to persuade that population and make these individuals feel a part of the process. Makes use of the local radio stations and gets shed pounds vote in polls using the text message about essential difficulties. Or they could vote for a well-liked soccer team or send a new text about the Taliban that happen to be currently ravaging their commune.

The other angle with written text messaging/cellphones is when people love that technology; they tend to defend it. So once those of you enjoy the power of connecting, in addition to someone threatening to take it at a distance or destroy it, people will rise.

Just one story, in particular, that proved this was what Dennis O’Brien, the CEO connected with cellphone company Digicel, referred to in Haiti. He identifies how the people of Haiti were rioting against the authorities and spared all the Digicel cellphone stores and podiums. The reason why was because the cell phone was a significant part of their individual lives.

From business bargains to affairs of the coronary heart, to discussing politics with others, and so on, the cell phone was a prized and handy gizmo for daily life in Haiti. Is why they protected that because they feared losing that vital tool of existence and freedom. I can imagine how I would behave if someone destroyed my cell phone service or if my net service-I would not be satisfied.

These are just a few ideas. However, you get the basic idea. And last night, I was using text messaging to send in a vote inside a poll about the US Perversité Presidential debates. I did that because I wanted to show any reaction to events and express an opinion. So I tried to connect in addition to feeling a part of the process. As I said, if you are a world war planner on the ground and have no SMS COIN approach, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with the local population.

My friends call me Matt, and I am a new security industry blogger. My partner and I own a blog called Fiero Jundi, which deals with security and safety contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Jundi in Arabic means knight, by the way.

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