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Streamlabs Desktop Review

Streamlabs Desktop Review

Streamlabs Desktop

Streamlabs Desktop is a free live streaming software available on Windows and MacOS. It offers many features for streamers looking to create a professional-looking stream while optimizing their settings to optimize speed and quality. In addition to its features, Streamlabs Desktop has an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to set up and use.

Streamlabs Desktop has a library of free stream overlays, allowing users to customize their streams. It also has a widget importer that allows users to transfer all of their Scene collections from OBS Studio. In addition, users can also customize the appearance of their streams with Streamlabs Desktop’s built-in widgets. Streamlabs Desktop supports Facebook Live and Twitch. It also includes smart encoding and an event queue. It can also be used on YouTube and other popular streaming platforms.

Streamlabs Desktop is a free, open-source program. It allows users to broadcast live streams and includes features such as multi-streaming, a built-in overlay importer, and face filters. Its software is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Linux and is available for download from its website. It is also known as a mobile app for Android. A monthly subscription costs $5, and users can also access premium features.

Streamlabs Desktop is primarily designed for gamers, but its features are versatile and can be used by anyone. It comes with many valuable features, including an event queue, an automatic screen capture source, and a built-in chatbot. It also offers a wide variety of free Themes. In addition, it allows users to stream on multiple sites in seconds, which can help reduce FPS drops.

Streamlabs Desktop’s user interface includes a bar graph icon in the lower left corner that displays frames per second. Users can also adjust audio settings in the settings menu. The program’s interface also includes the ability to pause and rewind a stream. In addition to the built-in widgets, Streamlabs Desktop consists of an overlay importer. It also allows users to change the look of their streams by adjusting audio, video, and face filters.

While Streamlabs Desktop has many valuable features, it also uses much CPU power. This can be an issue, as the program needs more processing power than most users have. Therefore, users should install a recent version of their video graphic card drivers and update their firewall to block Streamlabs processes. In addition, users should also allow the Streamlabs process in their anti-virus software. Also, users should install the latest version of Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable.

Streamlabs Desktop is compatible with Facebook Live, Twitch, and YouTube. It also has an event queue that allows users to customize their streams. It has built-in face filters, an overlay importer, and a widget importer. It also includes smart encoding and a built-in chatbot. The software is easy to use, but it does have a few features that can be overwhelming. Many additional features can help users improve their streams.

Streamlabs Desktop’s interface also includes an alert box that can be manually copied and pasted into other Scenes. Users can also drag elements around the Scene. They can also use the test widget button at the bottom-right part of the interface to test their widgets before they go live. Finally, they can also undo their changes by using Ctrl+Z.