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Special Gift Ideas for Your Christian Friends/Relatives

The word of the almighty is full of power, and it is his way of making us strong. Listening or reading to holy verses can make one’s day better. Remembering and praying to God every morning is a great way to start the day. As a friend or relative, the best way to help them is to give them something which has a touch of holiness that will help them pray and thank God every day. 

When it comes to gifts, a beautiful and useful gift is what everybody likes. When you buy gifts, you probably have no idea about a religious facility. But you could find some nice gifts in catholic shops.

Every catholic shop in Australia has gifts that you can give to a friend or family member/relative. A gift that reminds them of the almighty will be precious to them. But the tricky part is how to choose one. You may wonder whether it will be appropriate as a gift for a Christian family. Things get more difficult if you are from another faith. If you have these kinds of doubts, this article is right for you. Read on for great gift ideas for your religious friends and families.

Here are some gift ideas for you:

The holy bible book

Every Christian family will have at least one Bible with them. But, you can give them a bible with better binding, and durability which will last long. There’s no doubt that they will love it. 

Devotional journal

Most people still write journals, and a devotional journal at the beginning of the year or during Christmas will be a great idea.

Bible verse bracelet

This gift is for someone younger in age. A senior person can wear this too, and this bracelet will be more of a religious accessory than a fashion statement. But, the bracelet will look good on people of any age. Shop from a catholic shop in Australia, and you can find a nice bracelet that is simple and has the verse written on it.

The Beginner’s Bible

This is more of a children’s gift. This Bible will have easy-to-understand concepts about Christianity and bible verses.

T-shirt with quotes

If the gift is for a youngster, you can give them a t-shirt with a bible verse of a quote about God.

Wall painting of Jesus or his disciples

If you have visited the person’s house and found no wall pictures about God or faith, you can give a portrait of Jesus, Mother Mary, or his disciples.

A mug with verse or quote

The mug is a common gift everybody thinks of, but a face with bible verse is rare. 

Wooden engraved faith cross.

A wooden engraved faith cross is a gift that everybody likes. It can be put in the prayer room or on the walls in the living room.

Bronze statue of Mother Mary and Jesus

A bronze statue is way better than a wooden one as it looks more elegant and unique. 

There are many other creative gifts you can give your Christian friends. You can gift accessories with bible quotes and verses such as key chains, clocks, caps, etc. You could find a catholic shop in Australia that makes custom gifts if you look intently. You can get regular gift items and customize these accessories as per your requirement.

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