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Shein Reviews – Buy Bathing Suits Online

Shein is an incredible source of trendy pieces at affordable prices, from high-end designer dupes to quirky styles. Here you’ll find everything from high street brand dupes.

Read reviews and sizing info thoroughly before purchasing! Additionally, Shein on Amazon has excellent return policies, so shopping there may be worthwhile first.

Size Chart

Shein has become a sensational success on Tiktok, and their clothing has been seen by millions. Unfortunately, some customers have reported issues regarding quality or sizing issues with Shein products.

To avoid such problems, Shein has developed an easy-to-follow size chart for each garment they offer – the measurements provided provide clear insight into which size to order based on personal body measurements. Simply compare this chart against what fits you!

Another helpful tip for choosing Shein swimwear is to wash it first before wearing it. This will allow them to shrink and fit better on you – giving you the ideal bathing suit for your next vacation! Simply be sure that after drying them completely in the dryer cycle, they don’t become too large while you wear them or stretch out too much in the washing machine, losing shape altogether.


Shein reviews are usually mixed, but you can generally trust positive ones. While customers sometimes complain of poor quality items, sizing issues, and extended shipping times, these issues can usually be managed using Shein’s sizing chart and placing orders well in advance.

Shein products that have proven most popular include rompers, jumpsuits, and dresses; in addition to swimwear (beach skirts and cover-ups). Their prices are relatively affordable while quality remains reasonable.

When shopping at Shein, always use a credit card so that if anything goes wrong with your order, your money will be returned in full. Be especially wary when purchasing clothing made from low-grade materials as it may break apart after just a few wears; jewelry and bags from Shein should also be avoided since these often use low-grade materials that break apart easily; when in doubt about size requirements, size up.

Shipping Time

Shein is an ideal way to find trendy pieces that meet your personal style without breaking the bank. Offering faux suede to peplum dresses and lace tops as well as affordable adaptations of high-end designer looks such as this smocked Vinca bikini, as well as eco-friendly perks – Shein makes shopping fashionable without breaking the bank easy!

Shen is based out of Hong Kong and ships their items from there; therefore, their delivery times can take some time. They’ve recently begun offering in-country shipping options for certain items to speed up things considerably.

Shein is unique in offering free returns. They will refund your original payment if return the unworn item within 30 days, provided its original packaging and proof of purchase are included. Unfortunately, Shein does not accept returns of bodysuits, jewelry, lingerie, bathing suits, bags, beach blankets, or anything marked as final sale items.

Final Words

Before placing orders with Shein, always read reviews – these honest evaluations provide helpful feedback that can help inform informed purchasing decisions, avoid scamming schemes, and ensure items fit perfectly! They can even save time spent shopping.

Many Shein products are manufactured in China, where labor laws are less stringent. This allows Shein to pay its workers very little while still turning a profit; also, it’s not unusual for Shein to use questionable suppliers who may exploit or overwork their employees.

Good on You strongly urges consumers to avoid Shein due to its use of hazardous chemicals and disregard for the environment, its low quality contributing to throw-away culture, as well as poor human rights records of its brand.


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