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Role Of Term Insurance in Estate Planning

Term life insurance is a type of plan that offers protection for a predetermined period. If there is an untimely demise of the policyholder within the term life insurance period, death benefits will be paid to the policyholder’s beneficiaries. People also choose a term plan with a return of premium. In such a plan, the insured gets some of the overall paid tips at the end of the policy term if they are still alive. 

Term life insurance policy is essential to estate planning because it offers your loved ones financial security in the event of your untimely passing. Term insurance can be utilized in estate planning in several ways, and this article will discuss it in detail. We will also list some reasons you need to consider the term life insurance when planning your estate and its function in estate planning. 

What is Estate Planning?

Estate planning means financial planning and management, ensuring that your assets and properties are disbursed according to your preferences after passing. It entails drafting legal documents such as a will, trust, or power of attorney that specify how the individual’s assets will be managed, who will inherit them, and how they will be divided. 

The main objective of estate planning is to ensure a person’s wishes are carried out after their passing and that their assets are dispersed effectively, which minimizes taxes and fees. In addition, incapacity planning, such as choosing a trusted person to make financial and medical choices on their behalf if they cannot do so themselves, is a component of estate preparation.

Term Insurance’s Place In Estate Planning

Let’s understand how term life insurance like Tata AIA Life Insurance can help you in estate planning in several ways:

  1. Paying Off Debts and Expenses: Debts and expenses don’t go away when someone dies. Instead, they become your estate’s duty, which might be difficult for your loved ones. Term insurance can be utilized to settle these obligations and costs so your loved ones won’t have to.
  2. Equalising Your Estate: Term insurance can balance your estate if you have several beneficiaries. For instance, term life insurance can be used to distribute an equal part to each of your children if you desire to leave your estate to your children. Still, one of them has already received a sizeable financial contribution from you.
  3. Paying Your Dependents’ Salary: If you have family members who depend on your earnings, your term life insurance can aid them with their financial requirements after your passing away. It can act as a continuous source of income. 
  4. Education Funding: If you have children, term insurance may be used to help pay for their education. This can guarantee your kids a better future and allow them to continue their education even when you’re not around.
  5. Property Liquidity: Finally, term insurance might give your estate financial flexibility. This means the death benefit can cover any estate taxes or other costs incurred after you pass for your loved ones. With liquidity, your loved ones can borrow money or sell assets to cover these costs, which can be difficult.

Benefits of Term Insurance in Estate Planning

● Term insurance offers substantial coverage at a reasonable cost.

● Less expensive than permanent life insurance 

● Term plan with return of premium plan will help you get a refund.

● Cost-effective choice for people who require a significant amount of coverage for a brief period.

● Flexible as it allows you to select the level of protection and term duration that best meets your needs. 

● Buying and understanding term insurance is simple. 

● Easy for you to budget and plan for your estate as it has fixed rates for the duration of the policy, in contrast to other types of life insurance. 


Term insurance in estate planning helps you to protect your loved ones from financial uncertainties and can be used for the betterment of your family. It is an economical, adaptable, and simple solution for those requiring substantial coverage for a limited time. With term insurance estate planning, you can rest easy knowing that your loved ones will be cared for when you pass away. 

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