redfin realtor reviews

Redfin Realtor Reviews

The internet is a great place to find reviews about any service or product. One of the best places for these reviews is Redfin. It is a service that lets you post your real estate listings for sale. This way, anyone who is looking for a real estate agent can easily browse through them and find one that suits their needs. However, what makes Redfin stand out among other services is the amount of customer service they offer. They will respond to your questions and offer you refunds if you are not happy with your listing.


While Redfin is an online real estate brokerage, they’ve also developed a home search app that’s been downloaded millions of times. The app allows sellers to browse properties and sign up for alerts, all while keeping the process simple and hassle-free.

In addition to the app, Redfin has an Agent finder tool that helps users find an agent based on the type of home they are looking for. Compared to competitors like Zillow, Redfin’s site seems more accurate, although it doesn’t offer the same level of detail.

Despite Redfin’s enticing promises, there are a few pitfalls to watch out for. If you’re considering using the service, make sure you do your homework before signing a contract. Similarly, don’t let your agent waste your time.


There are a number of Redfin realtor fees that a seller may encounter. The fee structure can vary greatly depending on the market, and the commission may be higher than 1%. It’s important to weigh the benefits of this service against the risks.

As one of the leading discount real estate brokers in the US, Redfin aims to offer a similar experience to that of a traditional brokerage. They do this by combining in-house agents with proprietary technology. These tools are paired with online tools to help buyers and sellers throughout the process.

However, while the company provides basic services, they also offer a variety of premium options. You can choose to use a virtual home-buying service, receive professional photos, and get a 3D walkthrough of a property.

Customer service

It’s no secret that selling or buying a home can be stressful, but the Redfin real estate company has a few tricks up its sleeves to make the process a little less painful. Among other things, the company has a nifty little app that will help you find local properties, arrange for repairs, and set up cleaning appointments.

The site is also well-stocked with other useful tools, from a map to search MLS listings. You can also save money with a buyer rebate program. However, the service may not be for everyone. Those looking for hands-on experience might want to consider a traditional brokerage.

Redfin Corporation is a Seattle-based real estate firm. It has ninety-five markets in the US and Canada. Aside from its MLS, it has a number of other helpful tools, including the aptly named Concierge service. As the name suggests, it offers home sellers a slew of services, including staging and cleaning, as well as a 2% listing fee.


Redfin is a full-service real estate brokerage. They offer a variety of services starting at a 1.5% commission. Their agents are experienced and professional. You can also receive free comparative market analysis.

They also have an accurate home value estimator. In fact, theirs is one of the most accurate online tools available. It uses information from Multiple Listing Services to determine the worth of a property. If you’re trying to sell your home, this is a great way to fix up your price and get it on the market. The best part is that you don’t have to wait for an agent to give you a free appraisal.

In terms of accuracy, it’s not quite up there with Zillow’s Zestimate, but it’s still a surprisingly accurate estimate of your home’s worth. Redfin’s estimator was launched in 2015 and has been upgraded several times since then.


Redfin realtor refunds are a great way for home buyers to save money on closing costs. However, before deciding whether to use this program, you need to make sure it’s right for you.

Despite its popularity, it’s not the best option for every home buyer. For one, the average rebate is far lower than other real estate firms. In addition, you’ll want to read the fine print.

Most traditional agents work for a 3% commission, which you’ll pay at closing. This can add up to hundreds of dollars if you buy a high-end home.

Even if you can’t afford that much, there are still other ways to get a discount on your home’s purchase price. Some brokerages even offer cashback rebates. A quick search online can tell you if a company offers a rebate. You can also speak with your lender or loan officer about how you can get your money back.