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Red-Eyed Crocodile Skink For Sale

Red-eyed crocodile skinks are an engaging addition to many reptile collections. These lizards enjoy climbing trees and exploring their environment as active climbers and explorers. Their defense mechanism includes flattening out their bodies when threatened, raising their tails when threatened, and flattening out when threatened—an adaptable defense strategy! Choose the best red-eyed crocodile skink for sale.

Crocodile skinks for sale make excellent pets for both beginning and experienced hobbyists, living up to 10 years in captivity.

Reptasia Pet Center

If you’re searching for crocodile skinks for sale, your first stop should be your local reptile group. Chances are they have some captive-bred specimens they could show you and provide information on local breeders. Another option would be local classified ads or online listings offering rare animals.

Reptasia Pet Centre in Farnborough, England, sells captive-bred, wild-caught red-eyed crocodile skinks. If interested, reach out directly. They ship worldwide, including the U.S.A., the Netherlands, and Germany.

Birmingham Reptiles and Pets in Birmingham, England, is another breeder that provides crocodile skinks to customers. This business also carries other reptile species native to North America; further, their website updates regularly so customers can keep tabs on new arrivals.

ILLExotics in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is another breeder that offers red-eyed crocodiles. You can purchase them on Morph Market and through social media pages; email alerts will notify you when new arrivals have come in and plants to create the ideal habitat for these reptiles. Dave’s Danger Noodles in Morgantown is another excellent source for domestically produced crocodile skinks sold through Morph Market; just be patient since these reptiles may not always appear first on Morph Market!

Birmingham Reptiles and Pets

If you’re searching for the ideal vivarium pet, crocodile skinks for sale could make an excellent selection. These active lizards love climbing trees and exploring their environment. Although nocturnal, these creatures often hide during the day in crevices where they’ve found shelter – their vocalizations also indicate male and female presence!

Crocodile skinks for sale require a tall enclosure with plenty of branches and foliage, temperatures ranging between 75 and 85 degrees during the day and 65 to 72 degrees during the night, and humidity between 70-80%, ensuring proper shedding while avoiding dehydration. A basking lamp equipped with UVA and UVB lighting should also be provided, ensuring optimal conditions.

Blackpool Reptiles & Aquatics LL.T.D. in Blackpool, England, offers red-eyed crocodile skinks for sale. Their customers hail from Jersey, the U.S., and South Africa; phone or email can be used for contact. Steel City Serpents of Sheffield can also supply buyers outside the UK.

If you are considering purchasing a crocodile skink for sale, ensure you find a breeder with an outstanding reputation. Ask for pictures of both parents and information regarding their health status. They should also know how to ship your pet since these reptiles are heat-sensitive safely. Otherwise, they could suffer severe stress during transportation.


If you’re searching for a red-eyed crocodile skink, Philadelphia’s ILLExotics boutique store may be just what you need. Their goal and focus is to provide captive-bred exotic reptiles and healthy houseplants for customers to purchase, with highly knowledgeable staff ready to answer any queries or assist in choosing suitable plants and enclosures for their new pets.

Chris and Franco’s store stands out from traditional plant shops by featuring dance music and tanks filled with exotic creatures like chameleons, frogs, and tortoises. Chris and Franco created this space to combine their passions for horticulture and herpetology, offering exotic plants like rare aroids and orchids alongside all sorts of animals, including various kinds of lizards, for sale.

Crocodile skinks can also be purchased directly from local breeders or reptile shows, which may provide cheaper captive-bred options than dealers. However, before choosing such an option, be sure to speak to their breeder to ensure they’re breeding responsibly and keeping temperatures within appropriate parameters.

Geckopia in Dallas and Blackpool Reptiles & Aquatics Jersey both specialize in red-eyed crocodiles; some provide local pickup while others may ship across the country; they’re highly responsive to emails, too – Bernetta Shinkle in Derby offers these animals as well. Mike’s Reptiles in Owosso also sells them.

Curt’s Creatures LLC

Curious Creatures LLC greatly emphasizes providing customers with high-quality and healthy animals; customer service is equally important. Their staff strives to educate customers about common misconceptions and myths surrounding exotic pet ownership while providing appropriate care for all the animals sold by Curious Creatures. Their philosophy is centered on treating pets as family, which means receiving proper treatment when caring for these companions.

This company offers an assortment of products, such as captive-bred red-eyed crocodile skinks for sale. Their website includes an impressive photo gallery and information on their behavior and habitat needs, such as providing plenty of hiding spots. Misting should also be conducted regularly to maintain humidity levels; digital hygrometers can assist.

When searching for a crocodile skink to purchase, ask the breeder if any captive-bred animals exist to prevent them from being transported in an overheated truck. Some breeders may even offer pickup at reptile shows or events.

ILLExotics of Philadelphia offers captive-bred red-eyed crocodile skinks for adoption through Morph Market, and email alerts can keep you up-to-date when new animals arrive. If you’re curious, their website and Facebook page provide further insight.

Dave’s Danger Noodles

Red-eyed crocodile skinks are one of the smallest species of reptiles. These nocturnal lizards enjoy climbing trees and exploring their environment while hiding in crevices for protection from predators. When threatened, red-eyed crocodile skinks flatten their bodies by raising their tail to appear more significant as an effective defensive mechanism against potential predator attacks.

Crocodile skinks for sale make an excellent addition to a home aquarium or terrarium, but make sure it has plenty of hiding spaces so they feel secure. To reduce stress levels on both ends, it is also necessary to tame them so they feel less overwhelmed. However, this may take some time, but it is worthwhile!

If you are searching for a crocodile skink for sale online, there are numerous reputable breeders around the globe to be found. Unfortunately, purchasing these animals can be challenging due to differing laws surrounding the export of live animals from various countries. At the same time, some breeders may offer to ship their animals. Beware, as their animals may not survive an extended transport journey.

Reptiles can live for over ten years Depending on their habitat, diet, humidity levels, and care needs. While hardy creatures, snakes still become susceptible to respiratory infections and parasites; therefore, they must receive a specialized diet and visit a reptile vet regularly for checkups and care.

Tails & Scales

Crocodile skinks for sale have become increasingly popular as pets due to their unique appearance. The lizard features a strong body and leg bones with a cream-colored underside. It is a nocturnal animal that spends most of its day hiding crevices or flattening itself when threatened, making it look larger. Crocodile skinks can usually be found in tropical rainforests, making care simple.

Find a crocodile skink for sale by searching online, visiting local reptile groups and classifieds, or local breeders. Breeders often offer unique animals not available elsewhere at competitive prices with excellent customer service.

Ensure the crocodile skink you buy is at least six weeks old, feeding well, and misted and humidified to simulate its natural wet season. Insectivores like this lizard should be fed 1/4-inch crickets, dubia roaches, mealworms, and waxworms as food sources.

Remember that these lizards require high humidity levels, so selecting a local breeder is ideal. A breeder should provide photos and videos of both parents, answer any questions about this reptile, and provide you with an estimated lifespan; with proper care, it could last over ten years in captivity!

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