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Reasons to Use a Secure Instant Messenger

Using a secure instant messenger is critical to ensure that your communications are hidden from spying eyes and that they can’t be obtained from your PC by cyber-terrorist or malicious software. However, even if you think that your messages are usually secure, there are many ways their security can be jeopardized, and many people are interested in ‘listening in.’ Typically the Interesting Info about telegram汉化版.

You do not want someone listening into instant messaging conversations for many reasons. Here, we will look at some of them and how this functions.

Your IP Address

When you get on an instant messaging server, for example, MSN, your IP address and port will be used to identify a person. The servers need these details as they use them to enable you to converse directly with the one else – no need for any participation from the server itself, and for that reason, less chance of the discussion failing and less chance of the actual conversation being listened within on.

However, when you indication into the messaging service, this particular still require your information to be announced there, which means that there are ways individuals could get your IP address as well as port from that information — which would be enough for them to crack into your computer and to pay attention to your keystrokes to get additional information, or which could allow you to get the malicious virus or spyware.

Meanwhile, the person you are speaking with can also use netstat or perhaps a similar utility to get your Internet protocol address – which can be a problem, obviously considering you often how to start who you’re talking to if you use MSN or ICQ.

Your Passwords and E-Mail

Much more worryingly, it’s also potentially feasible for your e-mail tackle and password to get away. This information also should be communicated to the server, which means it can be intercepted, which helps you00 be caught out. This is a systematic way for people to get a lot of spam, and this can be either through a particular messaging service or using their e-mail. If you don’t desire tons of junk mail, then a protected IM is a good idea.

Meanwhile, your current address can also be hacked into, so your e-mail can be used to send out spam. This can take place on an automated basis, and it also means that everyone on your buddies list will get e-mails of your mouth which can be uncomfortable and unpleasant on their behalf – mainly if the e-mails include links to viruses.

Being spoken to by people you don’t realize and didn’t seek out: who may have malicious intent can also be a problem.


Because MSN and ICQ have file transfer capabilities, a virus can quickly be transferred, as can easily any other kind of malicious application.

Your Conversations

Finally, people can sign your conversations or get the contents of your discussion without your awareness. While you might not talk about anything that secret, you’ll still don’t want strangers to realize your business, which can have dire repercussions in various ways.

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