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Puffin Pet Insurance Reviews

If you are in the market for pet insurance, Puffin Pet Insurance might be a good choice. The company offers a comprehensive range of policies, including coverage for vet visits, dental care, and more. The policy requires a dental check-up for your pet to be eligible for coverage, and they recommend treatment when necessary. Puffin also offers coverage for bladder stones, covering up to 40% of the cost of food for six months. However, the policy does not cover the cost of putting your pet to sleep or cremating them.

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Puffin Pet Insurance is a policy that covers your pet for up to three (3) months in foreign countries. The policy also requires that you have a current Pet Passport. However, there are some limitations to the coverage. For example, you will not be able to claim for quarantine, holiday cancellation, or lost passport expenses. In addition, your pet will be excluded from the policy if it is diagnosed with a medical condition that is not covered by the policy. Finally, Puffin Pet Insurance does not cover expenses related to putting your pet to sleep or cremation.

You’ll need to fill out a Puffin Pet Insurance Claim Form to claim your pet’s insurance. This form is available for download online or at an authorized business office. In addition, the company’s website has a handy form editing tool; you can easily modify it for your pets’ specific needs.

Time-limited policies

There are two central Puffin Insurance policies: maximum benefit and life policies. Both offer the same basic coverage but have a few significant limitations. For example, they don’t pay for putting a pet to sleep, advertising it as missing, offering a reward for finding it, or emergency boarding costs. Plus, their payout amounts are lower than market averages. Lastly, they require a waiting period of up to five days before they will pay out for an injury.

Maximum benefit policies are generally cheaper than lifetime policies but have many limitations. For example, they don’t cover long-term illnesses or accidents and will often reach their financial limit quickly. In addition, they may only pay a fixed sum for each ailment. And if your pet does have an existing condition, the coverage is limited to that condition.

On the other hand, time-limited policies cover a specific illness or injury for a specific period. This is the cheaper type of pet insurance, but you should be aware of the time limit. For example, time-limited policies will only pay out for the first six months of your pet’s illness or the first six months of your following policy. In addition, you won’t be covered for recurring illnesses or injuries, as insurers will consider that a preexisting condition.


One of the critical factors in deciding on the right pet insurance policy is the coverage offered. While Puffin Insurance covers the cost of veterinary care and treatments for up to three months abroad, some limitations apply. For instance, the policy does not cover the costs of quarantine or holiday cancellation. Furthermore, it does not cover treatment for a preexisting medical condition and requires a waiting period of five days for treatment to start.

Another consideration is the monthly fee. Puffin pet insurance has several different plans, and the most effective way to determine the monthly cost is to request a quote on the official website. The premium for the condition-only plan starts from PS14, while the lifetime plan starts from PS25. A puffin is a relatively inexpensive option for pet insurance.


The cost of Puffin pet insurance varies depending on various factors. The best way to find out the exact cost of monthly premiums is to request quotes on the official Puffin website. The monthly premium can be as low as PS14 for a condition-only plan or up to PS279 for a lifetime policy.

Puffin pet insurance covers up to three (3) months of overseas travel for your pet, provided it has a valid Pet Passport. This cover does not offer additional benefits, such as travel quarantine fees, holiday cancellation costs, or lost passports. Also, the policy excludes coverage for existing medical conditions. To qualify, the condition must have occurred within the past 24 months.

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