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Ponds Mineral Clay Face Wash

This Ponds Mineral Clay Face Wash is made from 100% natural Moroccan clay. It’s packed with active ingredients and has a speedy absorption rate. It also brightens your skin and exfoliates the pores. It also absorbs dirt four times better than water. So, try this face wash if you’re tired of scrubbing your face.

Cleanse pores

Ponds Mineral Clay face wash is an excellent way to deep clean your pores. It contains 100% natural Moroccan clay, which has an incredible absorption capacity. This clay helps the skin to become softer and more radiant. It also contains ingredients like lactic acid and basil extract, strengthening the skin’s natural protection.

You can use Ponds Mineral Clay face wash for all skin types, including sensitive ones. It gives your skin a fresh and bright appearance and removes dirt, oil, and sweat. Just be aware that it cannot remove sunscreen or be used as a second cleanse. It should be applied to the face and rinsed thoroughly to get the best results.

Absorbs dirt

Ponds Mineral Clay Face Wash is an excellent all-around cleanser that cleans and detoxifies the skin. This foaming cleanser is suitable for all skin types and susceptible onesible s and removes dirt and excess oil. However, it does not remove sunscreen and is unsuitable for dry skin.

It’s made with 100% natural Moroccan clay. This clay is rich in bio-minerals and absorbs dirt and oil 4x better than other face wash. It also exfoliates your skin while providing a fresh, matte finish. It can be used daily as part of your skincare regimen.

Brightens skin

The Ponds Mineral Clay Face Wash brightens and resurfaces the skin by drawing out impurities and stimulating the appearance of millions of pristine skin cells. This white foam face wash has a flip-open cap for easy use and a mild fragrance. Its texture is clay-like with small black grains.

This face wash has a unique formula and is gentle enough for all skin types. Its mineral-rich Moroccan clay and vitamin B3 technology help treat oily skin and add fairness to your skin. It can be used daily as part of your skincare routine. But you should know it’s not meant to replace a regular cleanser.

Reduces oil

Regarding facial cleansers, the Ponds Mineral Clay face wash is an excellent choice for oily skin. Its 100% natural Moroccan clay has four times the absorption power of regular face wash and is very effective at absorbing oil and dirt. It also contains lactic acid and basil extract, which help to protect the skin from acne.

It comes in a pink and white flip cap tube and has the typical Ponds fragrance that is both refreshing and lingering. The texture of the face wash is thick and clay-like, with beads that do not dissolve.


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